Friday, February 28, 2014


End of the month ~ hooray!  I made it with my sanity and with all of my basic needs met yet again.  I would call that a win/win situation for sure!  Pending death or total downfall today I can successfully put this month behind me and start all over again!

It is my ultimate challenge each month ~ I wish I enjoyed it as much as I do my writing challenges ~ and I love those!  I do get a bit of satisfaction at making it each month and celebrate the fact of it.  Each month brings it's own challenges to be sure.

Just this morning I woke up and my email account had been hacked!  Someone sent out download links to everyone on my mailing list.  To be sure I do not clean out my contacts ever so if you have ever gotten an email from me since 1999 you probably received one!

All I can say is DON'T OPEN IT! SCAN YOUR COMPUTER!  Please do accept my most sincere apologies in advance if it happened to you!  I had been wanting to change my AOL password anyway but didn't have the original (1999) info from when I started the account so that was out this was a bonus in disguise.  How's that for a silver lining?

So this week has been fun and I have been writing.  Not sure if you have been following my tale UNEXPECTED or not.  I have been having fun with it.  Pondering the fate of our character.  Last night as I was having dinner, I tried to pump my son for some feedback ~ ideas but he was no help.

I have been thinking hard about her fate.  Should I do one more or really take it somewhere else as I think some more?  I am just winging this story as you may or may not know.  I do not write by an outline.  Things write themselves.

That is why it has taken me a minute to decide.  Filtering out my ideas with what may or may not work.  New and challenging indeed!

In the meantime I wrote another Challenge.  A "Once Upon a Time" beginning which is no happy fluffy piece. The dark theme just carried over and this was another piece which I had a totally different idea which was light and fluffy which took a back seat.  I am including the link in case you missed it on Glipho!

I am a "live in reality" kinda girl.  Well, I got a dose of it with the news this week and had to get the overload it created out of my head.  Too much reality is never a good thing ~ especially too much media.  I have enough trouble dealing with my own reality and when I get too much negative information that is the world/country type this is the result these days I guess!

Another busy weekend and week coming up.  Temperatures are cold again with the Polar Vortex and "feels like temp" far below zero.  I took advantage of that and have been hanging at home in my p.j.'s for a couple of days.

Today, despite the temps I have to go out in the world.  Oh well!  I think I can manage alright. The sun looks warm and I am hoping it feels just a bit warm on my face as I walk to my destinations!  March is quickly approaching and I am wondering if this is the comes in like a lion leaves like a lamb month or not ~ (still on my first cup of tea writing this so my brain is a bit fuzzy still!)

It has been nice having my boy back home as well.  He keeps me on my toes for sure!  I have woken up to a tea in the microwave for me three days in a row now.  That means they are good and strong just the way I like it, leaving me to reheat and add my sugar and cream!  Life is nicer when you have surprises! (of the good kind not the hacked kind!)

Keep warm, safe and smiling! 

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