Thursday, February 13, 2014


Snow day...canceled everything, including the Art Show I was going to attend this evening.  Bummer for sure, but I spent a couple of hours enjoying a wonderful old comedy "My Sister Eileen" with Rosalind Russell.  She is by far one of the funniest ladies!

My son is down with a sore throat which gave him a reason to sleep extra hours to his already sleep filled days, leaving me with some extra free time to waste.  I think about the only productive thing I have done all day is shovel the two walks and throw down some salt just in case.

Tomorrow is my busy day, but I am sure that by the time I head out into the world the roads at least will be plowed so I will at least be able to walk safely (as safe as a pedestrian is around here!)  Much to do including a little bit of grocery shopping.

The temperature today was in the 30's which is warmer than it has been.  The other day it was 8 and that felt warm so it should be like a spring day ~ unless that brutal wind is blowing!

Of course I have been putting off deadlines so I will be spending the next bit of time probably driving you crazy with a couple of posts all at once.  Hope you don't mind but I looked at the calendar and realized I was in a crunch!

I love pressure and it is on (but not really!)  Can you tell I have been home alone all day with no one to talk to?  Actually I have been chatting with the new group of friends on that game I am addicted to.  Getting weather forecasts from around the country and learning how to do ☺♫ ♪♀♦ (I love to learn new things!)

Thomas did get up finally while I was watching the movie.  It just ended not to long ago so I decided to recommend that movie ~ My Girl Friday and The Women (the original) to check out some more really good comedies she is in.

I am off to meet my deadline and see what other possibilities there are for me to shake the cobwebs off of my dusty brain.  I hope that wherever you are you take the time ~ ride out the storm and watch an old movie and laugh!

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