Friday, February 7, 2014


I have had a very good couple of days both productively on keeping up with the house and creatively in writing, crocheting and a watercolor and two pastels.

"Grandma" by Ainsley

Ainsley's Self Portrait

Where's Ainsley

Close up of a dragonfly by Ainsley
Ainsley does inspire me so much and is quite the artist herself.  She is not only a creative drawer, color mixer and photographer, she is very creative making plays with stuffed animals and blending in with them as well!  I think she is my muse and I am definately one happy woman when she is in my world!

.I also just finished sewing ~ a repair, but none the less not things that I do during a normal week, month or even year.  As  a matter of fact I can not remember the last time I threaded a needle to repair something.
I do have that repair pile that just keeps increasing over the years.  I hate to throw anything away, especially of good quality which just needs a button or something silly like that.  In this case I repaired a fine antique black velvet fur lined jacket.

I used to wear it all of the time when it was gifted to me.  I love my jacket!! Since I have returned to Pittsfield I hesitated in wearing it so it sat waiting for the past 5 years.  This year, since I am reclaiming some sense of fashion once again aside from concert shirts and blue jeans, and not really caring if I don't "blend" in, I have thrown caution in the wind and sport my jacket nicely ~ it is also the warmest jacket one could wear during this bitter cold season we have been having, and it is long besides.

Since making the repairs, and examining it closer, I am thinking it may not be too difficult to add the one thing that is lacking, and that is pockets.  I am a fan of pockets in a coat, pants ~ they are totally necessary and I think I may be able to pull it off.  One more thing to add to that long term to do list for sure.

Tomorrow is February First Friday Artwalk and I do believe it will be a cold one to be sure.  I want to be prepared for the weather as best as I can and I think that jacket will be the ticket.  I will need less layers and then get less heated in the actually stores which have Art in them.

There are links to a big 10 X 10 Festival this month as well and a couple of openings I am planning on attending ~ weather be damned.  Everything is within walking distance for me.  Since I rid myself of my cars when I moved back home to "lessen my carbon footprint" (which now I realize is one of those stupid mistakes I made under pressure), especially for me since I possess a huge sense of Wanderlust.

One of those things about myself which I have been suppressing.  My endless need to explore, travel, witness, interact with the world visually and spiritually.  I kind of feed off of it. I sustain myself nowadays on chatting with random people whom I encounter during my trips in the world on my errands, whether I know them or not, of course I am saying Hello, and if I know them it is a minimum 10 minute conversation.

I will take what I can get.  I went today to my friends house and we were watching Pink Floyd which were very cool.  I enjoy watching musicians created the music ~ watching their fingers on the guitar as I am listening to the music hitting my ears.  Absorbing it with as many senses as I can ~ music was a big part of my early days when my parents were together ~ my dad played Acoustic Guitar and had Albums like you would not believe.

I think I realized today watching the Pink Floyd that I got my love of Percussion from them when I was very young.  My parents used to go to the Music Inn and bring me and my brother and we would dance ~ little midgets dancing while the adults partied and had a good time.

I wish I could remember all of the bands we saw.  I think that is why I got a kick out of going to concerts with my kids and crew.  It was like a family event and not uncommon.  I have attended more concerts and fun events with a passel of preteens and teens and had the best time of my life than ever with my own peers.  Not really sure what that means.

Since I am on random topics, I would like to say that I was concerned the other night when I posted my weather and Earth ramblings and my Science thoughts, but that blog got some serious page views and led me to believe that I should not feel weird sharing my observations and random thoughts on the matter.

That is good to know.  I was having a conversation with some fellow writers regarding self censoring and that is something which I do without even realizing it, which is very noticeable to me, and I like it better when I just free flow write without hesitation and I think you would agree!

I also want to thank you for being tolerant with my accident of misreading and having to publish Taking Chances twice with the complete project which had the required amount of words having the Photo which was the basis of the writing Challenge on Glipho  (which I just noticed when I went to grab the link has a new weekly challenge up and I am still down one from last week)

So check out the wonderful writers and do feel free to become a Glipho Blogger. The topics are varied and diverse and the challenges are a lot of fun.  Speaking of which I am ending now and going to see what the new Topic is!

Have a great night/day and keep smiling!

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