Saturday, February 22, 2014


So today was a sunny and warm day in the Berkshires.  I ventured out to do an errand.  It was Nice to be outside in the sunshine which felt warm, despite the cool breeze.  I shedded a layer and just wished my gloves were in my bag where they should have been as I walked ~ maneuvering the lake sized puddles covering the sidewalks!

Despite the mess of the melting snow and ice (yes ~ I almost fell hard on a huge patch of ice as I walked through the Common ~ wondering why the city didn't lay down some salt for all the traffic the park had with the Senior Living behind it.

Grateful not to have fallen in the huge puddle next to the patch of ice ~ just my luck if I had!  I tried to locate the driest and safest places to walk.  At least no one had been around to see me as I did a quick shuffle to get my footing!

Although I was not going that way I took a walk down past A-Mart to check out Peter Gordon's Billboard. There it was, large as life facing the hospital!  I tried to take a picture but the sun was behind it and blinding me!!

I decided to hit the bank for the last $20 in the account ~ almost made it through the month ~ one more week ~ can I make it last?? That will be the beauty part of life!  I know I can, I know I can.  My normal worries never let up!

I walked up the West Street Hill and decided to go to the Library.  I needed a restroom and theirs was always clean.  They were playing minature golf as a fundraiser or something on the main floor and it was a bit unsettling.

I used the restroom and noticed my friend busy at work.  I popped over to say hello and was glad I did.  He is aka my Program Director ~ the person who enables me to have marvelous material to write due to our excursions.

He is very busy in the winter and we haven't had much of a chance to do anything fun together in a while.  Work, Work, work!!!  He is also a fan of skiing and outdoor activities which I do not participate in.  Spring is coming however and we will have more fun when the weather returns to Sunshine and warmer temps and no ice and snow!!!

After catching up I headed back through the maze of golfers and over to the New Release Section of the library.  Nothing caught my eye.  I left empty handed.  It was really difficult to focus with all the non library activity going on in there.  I enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility of the place as a norm ~ not the chaos of kids and parents golfing!

I navigated down different streets towards home ~ avoiding the Park and it's death ice.  I was lucky once ~ I was not really eager to tempt fate and piss it off and get wet/hurt in the process.  Different sidewalks, bigger puddles!

I thought about New Ashford and how I only worried about times like this when I was driving backroads.  I always looked forward to the end of "mud season" so I could take my less used backroads.  I think I miss them more than anything (besides a car to drive down them in!)

I came home and was restless as hell.  I tried to play my newest addiction Kitchen Scramble, but my focus was not on it.  The quietness of the house was getting to me.  I went into the kitchen to prepare a tea and got sidetracked cutting chops out of the 10lb pork loin I had gotten the other day.

I was hungry as I had forgotten to eat the day before ~ again.  Normal when no one is around.  I think I would live on tea if my son did not live with me.  I cut, wrapped and froze the meet, cutting some pork medallions to saute for a snack/meal ~ completely forgetting about tea, which was the reason I had gone into the kitchen in the first place!

I gave up on the game and tried conversation.  I had a couple of good ones on line.  I was still bored out of my brain.  Sometimes the same gets old and boring and this was one of those times.  Not surprising.  I had made it through most of the winter without feeling this way!

I wrote a poem because I could and then worked on Part 2 of the Photo Challenge story because my readers seemed to want more.  That took all of twenty minutes!  So here I am, continuing writing my journal blog.

I figured I would share with you since I share you with my other readers on the other site I write on so here are the links if you are interested.  (my poem) (original ~ in case you missed it)

My fellow Glipo writers were very encouraging so I did not want to disappoint.  Since they are all fiction and I have been working my way to finding my way in writing through this blog I am kind of happy to be able to write something creative instead of journaling my activities, thoughts and feelings.

Feed back is always encouraged.  I am aware , for some reason that comments cannot be left on blogger (sorry about that) some can and others cannot ~ all I can say is I dunno what to say ~ if you can leave a comment do, if you can't and want to feel free to email me at with some kind of alert Blogger in the subject line as I am trying not to open mail from strangers (yeah right!)

Have a great day and thanks for reading!!!

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  1. I always love your writings :-) Keep up the good work Hon :-)