Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Tuesday....Who would have thought a Tuesday could be so very awesome and entertaining!  I headed upstreet and did my errands ~ meeting wonderful people along the way who brightened my day and boosted my ego!

Made plans with my son's Dad to attend the 10X10 opening reception at the The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts in Downtown Pittsfield MA. Later that evening.

We arrived shortly after 5:00 to a filling room with some of the Artists in attendance.  Meeting for the first time Douglas Paisley and Peter Gordon which was my absolute pleasure, along with my two favourite artists, Scott Taylor and Michael Rousseau. Missing Peggy Lipton who was not in attendance but whom I spoke with during First Friday ArtWalk the beginning of the month.

Joanie Ciolfi and I got formally introduced ~ I love to visit her studio when I am at the NU ARTs Gallery and Studios during Artwalk as well.  These lucky artists are just a few who are featured on Billboards in our area ~ which I definitely can walk to two of them that I know of and need to locate a ride to hunt down the rest!

Since it was National Wine Appreciation Day I had to sample the red, and it was delicious ~ enhancing the yummy morsels catered by the http://www.missionbarandtapas.com/.  Some very awesome food, art and company!

Bumping into Dave from New Orleans ~ a supporter of the arts and former Gallery Owner from New Orleans with whom I wrote last month about commiserating our mutual losses in the housing/recession this past month at the Whitney Gallery for the arts, we had a great time speaking with Douglas Paisley, artist whom I had also featured in my blog from ArtWalk learning his technique and planning a future trip to New Orleans during the Halloween Season which sounds like great fun ~ they think we were just talking but if I have my way that will be the next great adventure I make happen!

My co volunteer Michael accused me of being an artist ~ which I find funny ~ maybe in another life or in my future life I will once again resume my Art so I don't have to laugh in peoples faces!  I have the schmoozing down perfect and much to my son's Dad's dismay (thankfully he knew a couple of people besides me).

Tom's Dad and I left shortly before the end of the show ~ time had flown quickly and I was in my element this evening ~ enjoying every wonderful second of the show!  Walking home in the light snowfall the cold not so cold when wine is flowing through my veins (something I should investigate more regularly me thinks!) we parted ways a couple of blocks from my home.

When I got home, Thomas was actually awake and delivered the message that my eldest son had phoned a few times for me.  I rang him back up to find that I blew my chance to have my Granddaughter spend the night tonight and stay the day but got the option for Wednesday evening and all day Thursday ~ with plenty of time to attend the RAP at the Berkshire Museum on Thursday.

This is my week for sure!  What could be better than that???  I woke up feeling like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulder and it continued through the day and into the evening and should keep me going through the week now that it is filling up nicely!

I don't have to search for a silver lining to a dark cloud today!  Nothing but blue skies and rainbows!!!  Loving life and hope you are too!  Be sure to check out these wonderful artists via the internet or in person if you are local!

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