Thursday, February 20, 2014

Photo Challenge #2

So we had to write 500 words on this photo ~ anything we wanted.  As I sat and looked at the picture ~ which is inviting to me personally kinda reminded me of home before I lost it, I wrote the following piece of Fiction.  I am not sure about the title but I had fun writing it!

I hope you enjoy reading it!  Feedback is always awesome and appreciated as a girl needs some encouragement when doing new things!  (HINT, HINT)  That means you ~ what do you think?? I want to know as I am interested!!!

Honesty is appreciated, do not just tell me what you think I want to hear!  I am a big girl and no words (negative) or otherwise are going to hurt my feelings or make me give up if you have not noticed by now!

Hope you enjoy the 500 word Photo Challenge ~ please do write a comment on the blog so I can find it or send it to my email address with a RE: FEEDBACK so I will open it and not just toss it!

I am getting weary of titling things as well, I think that is half my problem these days!!!  It seemed to fit so I went with it!

Thanks in advance for the feedback!  Again, send me an email or leave it on the Blogger sight, or comment on Glipho under my account there ~ GClawdia ~ thanks again and have a great night!

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