Tuesday, February 25, 2014


What a busy end of week it turned out to be just in the nick of time as I was getting tired with my own company since my son went to his brothers for longer than I expected!

I was fortunate to receive an email which had a couple of volunteering opportunities available locally on Thursday which I quickly snatched up.  I got out in the world on Saturday and took a walk since it was so nice.

I headed ~ where else ~ but North Street ~ skirting puddles the size of lakes and small quarries and walked in the street a bit to avoid large quantities of snow in my path which lead to avoiding melty messy runoff in the street!

I made my way towards A-Mart and got a couple of shots of Peter Gordon's billboard and then to the library ~ no books since I couldn't concentrate with the golfers I told you about before.

I was bored and wrote a few things which I shared here, but didn't write here.  I feel slightly unfaithful to my Blogger Blog.  I have been enjoying the creative writing aspect of writing so much lately.  I have been wondering where my imagination had gone.  Like dreams it seems to have taken a vacation, but I hope to jump start it really soon!

I passed up game night and a brunch ~ things are picking up a bit socially anyway!  I got mentally prepared for Sunday as an usher.  Going over what Black and Whites I had in my closet.  Settling on Grey slacks and one of my favourite white blouses.

I was a waitress for many years, so my closet doesn't lack black and white.  I have been avoiding black clothing (except my velvet) for a while so it was fun having some choices to choose from.  My friend Aaron wanted a picture which was funny on a couple of levels.

This whole "selfie" craze is insane!  Before it was popular my father, brother and yes even my sons when they were younger used to point the camera and click (this was in days of film) how many selfies do I run across which they took?  Many!

I am not a big fan of selfies and as such I do not have too many.  I tried to take a few but they all come out looking goofy ~ I was too busy concentrating on the camera ~ so serious ~ that it was difficult to get a good one!

It took me a while to realize you can aim the camera at yourself and do not need a mirror to shoot through ~ the darn flash was so annoying with the mirror!

I left for the Theatre unsuccessful with the picture.  I arrived a bit early and took a walk on the strip to kill some time as we were to be there an hour ahead of the show.  By all accounts at the pre ~ usher meeting it was going to be open seating and not too large of a turnout.

In reality, we opened the doors a bit early so folks could sit down.  Ushers hand out programs and we went through the 300 we had very quickly indeed and the seats were filling fast!  Part of the 10X10 Festival with local Dancers, I can tell you it was an amazing program indeed!

Not only do we have talented Musicians and Artists here in the Berkshires, we also have some wonderful dancers in all forms of the word!

Since I had wasted time with the selfies and I hadn't checked the battery levels on the camera ~ my bad ~ I only got a few pictures during the performance before the camera shut down to remind me one of the details I must remember to check on before I go to an event!

I did get some crowd shots before it died to show you the wonderful participation of support within the community.  The dance, music and costumes were amazing!  I think I have a new strong like and that is Dance as well as Theatre and Art!

I made my way home after the event in anticipation of dinner and shows with my son!  I arrived and put some potatoes in the oven to go along with the pork chops.  Nothing like a good oven baked potato I always say!

I put the battery on the charger so I could download my pictures.  I had gotten some advice on how to fix a necklace with a crystal that fell out and pics needed to be sent!  Of course I was still trying once charged to get a "selfie" for my friend as well and after going blind by the flash I gave up!

I was greatly saddened after calling the boys to find that I was flying solo, so I opted out of the chops and just enjoyed the two delicious baked potatoes myself before settling in with Downton Abbey.  I was not aware that it was the Season Finale!

It was good and left me hating Finales (I can never get enough of some productions!) I still want more Lost! Anyway, since it was two hours I missed other shows and opted for The Walking Dead at 11:00 so my son and I could still watch our shows together during the week thanks to On Demand.

Monday was, well, Monday.  It began well enough ~ then it had a bump ~ no hot water and I had to go in less than an hour!  I was glad I hadn't hopped into the shower expecting the warmth that my sore neck and back really needed ~ that would have killed me for sure!

I grumbled and complained and waited.  Fortunately it wasn't a 7 hour shortage today and I got in in the nick of time before having to run out to my appointment.  A quick hour session as it seemed to be over in the blink of an eye!

When I left the doctors it was beginning to snow right on schedule ~ the Weather Channel does get it right once in a while!  I was grateful for my warm coat as I made my way between wind gusts and snow flurries back home desiring a cup of tea to warm me up!

I phoned the boys and Dad answered ~ boys were still sacked out but my boy was coming home!!  I was happy!!!  (you all know I hate to be alone for long periods of time and 5 days was plenty!)  When he awoke he phoned to let me know he was on his way!

Late dinner but it was delicious!  Some computer time and before I knew it the hour was late!  We got in an episode of Shameless (and let me just say ~ bad Flip for treating Fiona that way!!!)  Of course I was beat after that but we watched a short show ~ Episodes before Tommy exited stage right and went to his computer, his game and his friends!

I went to sleep, pondering what the fourth installment of my story will be and fell asleep ~ waking during a dream, yes, I actually had one!  I miss dreaming so much!  I used to have wonderful and vivid dreams!  I think that is linked to imagination as well!  Can't have one without the other.  I hope to have both really, really soon!

Back to reality and the real world.  Obligations, responsibilities and priorities!  One of which is continuing to show the love to my blogger blog, as well as my other writing!  I have written another poem and another part of the tale I am telling (links included below)!

I am about done with my rambling.  Much to do this week and I am looking forward to it all ~ expected and unexpected!






Now that I look ~ I have been a bit busy!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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