Friday, July 26, 2013


Very rarely do I ever have my house to myself and I find myself unexpectedly alone.  My son got kidnapped by his brother to go check out some new gaming device so they are in for a hardcore gaming session ~ old school and high tech at the same time.

They, thanks to their older brother, have been playing videogames since they were 4 or so; watching and waiting until my oldest son said the next was old enough and ready.  They were ready before they could play, anticipating the day when they could take hold of the controller.

My sons all possess a certain level of competitiveness, and a great deal of skill due to this.  My middle son loves to play games until he beats them ~ which he plans out the timing of the release and his work schedule and will not stop until it is conquered ~ usually within a couple of days at most.

They should get jobs in the video game industry to be sure!  I have found that as long as I am doing something that I love to do, and I have dabbled in many occupations over my lifetime, some I definitely enjoyed more than others ~ none that I have truly hated, fortunately; it made life easier.  I could not imagine doing a job if I hated it.

I think a balance of fun and work is a must.  If you can make work fun it is a benefit.  The same with life. Speaking of which, when I left you on Wednesday I was headed to the Barrington Stage to volunteer in the Greylock Lounge during intermission of The Chosen.

The Chosen was such a thought provoking play.  I have found myself over the course of the past couple of days pondering it's meaning.  Not only the differences in beliefs of the two different cultures of the Jewish Fathers ~ their views and their raising of their sons.

The level of respect and difficulty of the choices between the Father's and the Son's respectfully.  Overall the love that each had for the other and the pain ~ it made me cry a little at the end.  It was really powerful and the actors all did a marvelous job.

I was raised a Catholic.  I love the ritual of church and I have often found myself church.  When I was a little girl there was a Church at the end of my street.  I took refuge there often, and at times still do find myself in an empty church, lighting a candle or walking around reading the stations of the cross and the stained glass windows and the architecture of the building.  I still hope one day to get to Europe and go tour the churches.
I have always been a freak about architecture, old wood, large rooms, chandeliers.  I am often looking up when I am exploring cities, at the adornments and carvings in the older buildings before things got prefab and molded.  Don't get me wrong, I do find some modern architecture and structures appealing.

It is the craftsmanship and labour of long ago that appeals to me, and the quality and pride in craftsmanship, it seems to come through in the final products.  My antique furniture which my children complain about moving has lasted far longer than the modern furniture which I have bought and discarded over the years! Quality over quantity I always say.  That is part of what is wrong with the world ~ everything is made to break and be replaced instead of made to last.

I have had such a busy day today getting groceries in the house for the rest of the month along with the usual Friday activities.  I even managed to stop by the library while I was out and am halfway through a book I picked up.

The weather has been cooler, I have not been sleeping well, however over the previous three evenings, so I am glad to have a book to read.  Sleep be damned, it is overrated anyhow!  I don't have anything I have to do until 1:00 tomorrow when I am going to breakdown the Farmer's Market, which I have never done before.

There is also an Art Opening tomorrow evening between 4 and 6 by Susan Geller at Circa which I am hoping to attend as well so I will get to check out some amazing photographs as well as a very cool shop full of vintage furniture and other goodies.

You know me, anything can happen in between!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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