Tuesday, July 9, 2013


With the mad rush of activity, socializing, parades and people behind us, life is returning to normal.  I am still catching up with myself, almost back on track, having responsibilities on Monday again ~ back to the real world.

Saturday, however found me meeting my girlfriend, but before I arrived the half a block away, I found a stack of albums in the middle of the street ~ mind you ~ they did not appear to be thrown out of someones window, more likely they bounced out of a truck while someone was working.  An awesome find, as I have acquired a turntable but had no albums to check it out with!

I scooped them up, out of harms way from vehicles and sunshine ~ it was album melting weather in the hot sun that day, and retraced my steps back home and hurried off to meet Cindy.  She had dry cleaning to pick up and I had to do my Saturday shopping as well.

As it turns out, errands are fun with Cindy.  We dropped into a fairly new consignment shop and had a blast trying on clothes and oohing and ahhing the pretty dresses which would be oh so sexy ~ but with nowhere to wear them ~ they were obsolete.

I did however break down and purchase a nice dress for myself for my next time at the Theatre.  I am a volunteer in a couple of weeks again, and I always try to look my best for such events, even if no one else dresses for the theatre here!

I even bought a cute little shirt, which, truth be told is what I had gone in for, some new options of summer shirts.  I have about a zillion articles of clothing, but it is always nice to have just one or two more things.  I rarely ever buy anything so I think that the $17 I spent for the two items was well justified, and if you are my friends who don't smoke I am sure at least one of you are thinking ~ two packs of cigarettes I don't need!

One of the memories which I have of Providence, when I was doing a show at the Civic Center, was of people a few blocks over arriving at the beautiful theatre there in their limo's and fancy cars ~ dressed ~ really dressed ~ for the theatre!  Whenever I was in town I would be sure to walk over prior to showtime, before I had to pack up my gear and head back home with my leads.

The dry cleaners were closed for some reason, so Cindy treated my son and I to slices and we went back down to my house to cool off and relax a bit and try to revive after the tiring humidity.  She was dying to go to the lake and cool off, which would have been a great idea if we had transportation.  I myself just wanted a breeze from anywhere and not to move again!

I made it through Monday.  Back to the grind, with two appointments one for my son, a small window of time and then my appointment following.  We decided to grab a burger in between, but I had to opt out of my appointment as I was overcome with nausea (not from the burger), I think I may have picked up a bug in my run down condition.

Today being Tuesday, I look forward to my long awaited meeting with my newest primary physician.   It has been a good 4 years at least since I last walked down this path, long overdue, considering before I moved back to Pittsfield I had regular medical appointments, physical therapy, pain management, acupuncture, tons of medication.

They can keep the medication.  I would not take an aspirin these days unless I was dying, and I want it in writing that I am dying before I take it!  I look forward to being open minded, but with some anxiety as well, in meeting my new doctor!

The brain and its walls and blockers are more stubborn, in this instance, than a stubborn mule, as far as I am concerned.  Mental health issues ~ ya gotta love them!  Better late than never is one of my motto's and I only hope that nothing too serious has occurred with the state of my health over the previous 5 years!  I am a little apprehensive to say the least!  Fingers crossed, that everything is okay, and if it is not, that it either kills me quickly or I can be cured easily!

Hope you all have a great week!  Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Hope all goes well for you at your appointment :-)

  2. clothes, friends and a vinyl find? What a great day!