Wednesday, July 10, 2013


If you know me, you know that I was hurt in 1999 and again four months later in two car accidents which were minor, but which left me with some serious problems, resulting in a long hard road of adjustment after surgery with chronic pain, neck and back issues and all that goes along with the above!

I was treating with Doctor's regularly, doing all that I could do to adjust to my new life and the limitations which I had never had to deal with before, both mental and physical.  I was living my life on too many pills, too many limitations and not a very high quality of life.

During my time in the country I did all that I could do to build up my endurance and learn my limitations, being very active physically, what with taking care of a house in the country with a wood stove and two acres of land ~ which I might add I took extreme pleasure and pride in maintaining.  Here, I walk to do my chores and my landlord maintains my yard so life is very different!

I feel completely lazy and inactive most of the time, although I am very active, just in different ways and my standards have really dropped as far as maintaining my household ~ yes it is neat and clean for the most part but I just never have everything done at the same time ~ which sucks for me!

Since my four or five years in the "City" I became less active, took no medications and stopped seeing doctors due to my own issues.  After firing the last Doctor I had in 2009 I basically refused to try to find another doctor and stopped all form of treatment.

I began last year with the dental clinic and the chiropractor to build myself up.  The dentists I do not trust anymore, as their answer to everything is to pull a tooth, don't treat an infection with antibiotics, it will go away once the tooth is gone ~ really ~ I think it just goes to the next weak one and pretty soon you have a bunch of toothless people around ~ no thank you ~ I will pass!

The chiropractor and I had a previous relationship, so I knew he would only be a plus as far as increasing my trust however, and after some time with him, I finally got up my courage to locate a primary physician ~ especially after seeing the x`rays on my neck and the discs under my "replacement" disc compressing, and the differences in my overall health!

Yesterday, after all of this time, I finally saw a doctor who takes Medicare, which is my primary insurance now that I am disabled.  It took a long time to find a doctor who takes this insurance, due to that I was unable to see the only doctor I did trust, who went into private practice and whom I needed a primary doctor to see.

Once I acquired the primary, however, I was able to see my trusted doctor, and yesterday, after waiting what seemed like a year for my first visit (it was worth the wait), I finally met my new primary.  She is wonderful, no communication issues there!  No disrespect to anyone in the medical profession, but I have to be able to understand what she was saying to me, and my previous doctor and most of the doctors in the old practice were foreign with thick accents which I was unable to decipher most of the time!

We made it through the first hour going through most of my medical history, blood pressure, weight (don't you just hate doctor's scales!  They always add weight!)  I left with an appointment to come back next week, and a lab slip to do a fasting blood work to see where I stand after so many years of non treatment.

I was apprehensive before I arrived, but my fears were put aside immediately.  Although I forgot before I drank my first cup of tea this morning about the lab work ~ no big surprise there ~ I was barely awake although I slept really well for a change.

Along with the labs, I also have the task of phoning my insurance and the YMCA to see what it is going to take to get a prescription for swimming to help with the physical activity and stretching part of life ~ I simply cannot stretch without seizing up all of my muscles in my back ~ it is like they just forget how to release ~ something I lived with in the beginning of all of this trauma for a few years until I saw the acupuncturist, when finally the release came!

Tomorrow is the day my son goes to the lab for his blood work so I will be waking up and not drinking or eating anything to do my labs.  I look so forward to next week in finding out the results of my labs and seeing what the next step to my finding and maintaining a balance of good health with pleasure and fear no more!

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  1. That is great ! I feel bad about the dentist I hate the pull everything kind, mine was great the first time I saw him, we was doing a filling and it went thru so he had to pull it and he was mad that it ended up that way, I old him "if you have to you have to" and he said "I am here to save teeth not pull them" WOW! I hope everything else works out great for you :-)