Friday, July 12, 2013


Friday morning came earlier than usual ~ before 6 a.m., I was awake, however I allowed myself the pleasure of 15 minutes of laying there, waking up, instead of hopping quickly out of bed and rushing for my caffeine to get me started.

In comparison to the day before, when I was fasting before I went to the lab ~ I felt much more awake, alert, and not really needing caffeine, although I made myself a cup of tea before heading to the computer to see what was up or who was up as early as me.

I had begun to realize Thursday evening, as I was mapping out my list of obligations ~ that Friday was going to be the kind of day I like the best ~ the one where I had to plan and schedule and fit in all of the things I needed to accomplish.

I was up before the pharmacy ~ eager to get that chore out of the way before I forgot it was Friday entirely like the other week amongst all of my other tasks of the day.  For once when I phoned, they said it was ready ~ no waiting~ awesome, I could be out of the house and back home before my ride arrived for my first (or third as it would turn out) task of the day.

I enjoyed the walk in the amazing breeze,  as the day had not heated up yet, it felt amazing, so early in the morning.  It was also fairly quiet in the world, hardly any line in Cumby's when I went in to replace my lighter which quit on me the night before with one match left to spare when I left my house, grabbed my cigs before hitting the pharmacy, which was also empty.

I made it through the park and down to my house with barely a hitch in the day ~ until I remembered that I forgot the half and half ~ knowing my ride would be at the house by 9:30 I decided to wait and pick it up later.  Surprise, surprise, my ride was early so I dropped off my packages and headed out the door.

The place where I go for food was packed, twice as many people there than usual.  The end of the line where we were quickly became the middle of the line before anyone even got to enter the building!  It was a nice time waiting outside with the Veterans though.  It is always a kick to go there and I do look forward to it for more than the necessary food ~

Today was more entertaining than usual however, with more people trying to park their cars in the full lot, and with the cars parked on each side of the narrow driveway and one person driving in and three cars waiting to exit our wonderful lot attendant Bernie went to the rescue and backed up the elderly woman's car which was causing the calamity.

He had already had a hell of a morning, as he was told George, who picked up the bread was still at home ~ he went in his car to go get the bread ~ only to have George show up with the bread five minutes later!!  It was funny and I enjoyed giving a playful hard time about it ~ as we are known to do to each other ~ all of the Veterans and volunteers are so friendly and funny there it really makes my week!

On the way home I got to raid my friends flower patch for some Black Eyed Susan's and some orange lilies and we also remembered to grab the vacuum cleaner we have forgotten three times in the past week as well, although it almost got left behind in the driveway ~ my friend jokingly said ~ well, at least I didn't put it behind the car and run over it...which is just his luck anyway!!

I got to walk Sheyna after this mad adventure ~ thankful for the breeze, as, by this time it was really warming up!  We had an awesome walk all around before I reluctantly brought her back home ~ gave her a treat and told her to be nice to her cat ~ as she watched me leave until later that day for our next adventure.

I had a little bit of time before my next appointment but before I knew it it was going on 1:30 so I grabbed some shoes and headed off to my doctor's appointment for 2:00.  It was getting hotter still, so I walked leisurely,  knowing that I would have plenty of time to read at least some of a really good magazine.

My counselors office is the only place that I have ever been where I like the waiting room ~ with NPR on the radio and the best magazines I love to arrive early.  He is also a very good photographer ~ which is why I was okay seeing him after my counselor of 8 years had to go, and I was lucky to get him to ~ not once have I been disappointed by his sage advice.

On my way home, my son phoned and said he would meet me in the park by our house and then said he wasn't  ~ so I took that opportunity to yet again pick up the dog ~ it having been a few hours ~ and surprise him with a visit if he was there.  I really didn't think he would venture out to the park ~ but to my surprise he had made it the two blocks in broad daylight with people around and everything!!

He walked Sheyna and petted and played with her before we reluctantly brought her home again.  We both really miss our dog even though I was closer to the dog than anyone he was still part of our family and the loss is significant to both of us ~ all three if you count Patrick as well who hadn't lived with the dog at that point for a few years.

We went home and I was exhausted, so I took the advice of myself and got off of my feet and away from the computer.  It wasn't long before my phone rang with my friend Cindy wanting me to come over ~ but I had to refuse.  I was beat!!!

My son, Patrick did manage to get me out of the house for a drive around and through Lenox in a roundabout kind of way and then back home where, after eating a good portion of tasty mini strawberry cupcakes (that my son insisted he would not like ~ yet changed his mind and initiated the cupcake fest before dinner) I cooked a delicious pork medallion with a Thai marinade with some onions and peppers and rice.

After a late dinner, my friend Cindy dropped in as I was writing this ~ which in turn lead to me walking her up the street after she visited with us and even had my son laughing at her trying to fix him up with a girl she had just met ~ the fun never ends around here ~  I finish my Friday satisfied in so many ways, tired and ready for the adventures of the coming day!


  1. Excellent & cozy, filled with spirit & love.. You're truly gifted! I loved your Friday, thank you!

  2. I so loved your Friday adventures. I am living my life through yours, and we are having a wonderful time. No wonder I was so exhausted that I didn't get up until 11AM, today. You have to slow down a little girl, this old lady is having a tough time keeping up. Thank you for sharing your gift.