Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Today I finally broke down and put in an air conditioning in preparation of the week long excessive heat and humidity which is supposed to be hotter than it has been over the course of the summer thus far.  I have been putting off using the air conditioner, as I have been managing very nicely by blocking out the sun and blowing in the coolness of the wind when it is around, but with the excessive humidity I fear more drastic measures are called for.

I already miss the open windows!  My A/C has been running since this afternoon about 10 hours so far and the huge high ceiling living room is cooler than the rest of the house which is saying a lot!  With A/C comes the elaborate curtaining off of rooms, of which I have three downstairs now separated ~ however ~ for the past two hours I have opened up the doorway from the cool living room to our little computer room ~ which by morning will be just right.

I haven't decided where to put the other air conditioner.  I was thinking in the dining room which is closed off and which is at the base of the stairs to the bedrooms ~ then maybe ~ just maybe we will eventually have some chill air upstairs!

I allowed my creative decorating juices to flow as well and I rearranged two shelves of nicknack's ~ which has left me with an open shelf and more to do tomorrow.  Regrouping and rearranging takes time and this is at least the 10th time that I have moved things around in a year ~ not sure what that says about me.

I have been mulling around new placements of things in the living room but have not have the motivation I have needed to begin.  It began on Mother's Day when my son surprised me with a flat screen t.v..  Due to that the stereo got displaced behind it and it really cluttered up the area.

I never did really finish the room when I moved the bookshelves and my book collection into the main room then, I just stopped hanging out there for long periods of time anymore, unless I am reading a book and not looking at all of the changes I am not motivated enough to make!  The addition of the air conditioning will change that however and I see the job finished by the end of the week!

Today was very low key compared to the weekend.  I only went outside twice ~ to walk to the doctor's and to walk back home.  There was a nice breeze ~ but the office air conditioning was very welcome indeed and I was thankful I had gotten a slushie on my way.  I did learn today by default that I do not like the pink ones ~ which were the only choice of four available today.  In the end you can determine that it tries to be a strawberry banana flavour ~ but it is so nasty!!!

I also had the luxury of going to a nice and cool movie theatre tonight as my friend had won tickets to the movies.  We watched White House Down which was a really dramatic, action packed movie about the Capitol and White House being taken over and hostages and explosions!  It was extreme to say the least and I would hope that that scenario is never played out in real life!

It was nice to enjoy the coolness and surprisingly when we walked out of the movies the humidity seemed to have fallen and the air was less dense.  I arrived home with time to fry up a couple of hot dogs and catch up with my son before watching "Under the Dome" which I have been enjoying so far.  I am highly critical of Stephen King and the portrayal of his stories on film versus on the written page.  This one gets a thumbs up so far.

I have another Doctor's appointment tomorrow and I get the results of my blood work.  It has been too many years since I have had a check up so it should be interesting to hear what the verdict is on my health.  I am fairly healthy in diet and exercise so I am not that worried ~ but you just never know.

I didn't want to let the day go by without writing for the day.  I am overdue as it is past midnight here now. My tea is gone and I am going to put this day to bed so I will be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring. Until the next time, I wish you peace, love and happiness!

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