Wednesday, July 3, 2013


For once Mercury in retrograde is not a problem for my sign.  I am happy about that.  Everyone gets concerned.  I do not even really know what it means for sure, but for Sagittarius it is a positive time, especially socially, and considering that tomorrow is the 4th of July and I love all the people filling the street as much as I love the parade itself!

My middle son has to work, and I do believe my eldest son has family obligations on that day as well, I was pleasantly surprised when he phoned this afternoon in order to come over for a visit.  While he was over he ask casually when I was making Shepherd's Pie again.

Being a very accommodating parent I took the hamburger out of the freezer and set it on the counter to thaw while we visited ~ problem solved on what to have for dinner, and the welcome delight of having two out of three sons at the table unexpectedly!

We watched a couple of episodes of Hell's Kitchen ~ missed the first 12 episodes but it is easy to pick up halfway through the season and it is great to hear Chef Gordon swearing and flipping out, although I must say he utilizes the pantry when he is really angry now instead of tearing them a new one in view of the clients ~ then you know it is bad!

Dinner came out wonderful with the use of the new electric hand mixer instead of mashing the potatoes with an old fashioned masher in addition to the assortment of potatoes which included two good sized purple potatoes.  Whipped potatoes are definitely the way to go any day!  So much lighter and fluffier and melt in your mouth better!  There were no complaints anywhere and my son took some home for he and his Dad to enjoy later.  I doubt the remaining three pieces will see daylight.

My day has turned busy tomorrow, with plans for a party in the afternoon.  I am writing and mentally organizing what I need to do before I go to bed tonight and what can wait until after the parade.  I have a plan so that is half the battle!

I am sure I will be putting to practice my new tapping technique which I learned last week when I venture out into the world tomorrow.  There is bound to be at least five people I will by chance run into whom I do not desire.  Fortunately for me there will be a few hundred other people I would be happy to see so the good far outweighs the bad.

I have to go whip up some goodies for tomorrow so I am going to leave you until I am next able to write again.  If you are American then I wish you a Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Happy Independence Day ~ don't forget the red, white, and blue ~

  2. Have a wonderful 4th. If you are in the area, I will be at the corner of Bradford and North, in front of Capital Square.