Sunday, July 21, 2013


Yesterday I allowed myself to complain about my pain.  Last night I got my son to push down on the right knot for about five minutes loosening it up enough for me not to wake up every time I moved during the night.  Today, however, I will not complain as I am trying to ignore the fact that it is still there.

The result of me ignoring my funky pain was me cleaning and vacuuming my living room, and yes, I even made progress in moving in the new glass top side tables and moved around the furniture again!  I had to move the couches and chairs to clean under and around them anyway and so there you have it.

Since the "heat wave" and humidity broke I decided to do some laundry as well and after a therapeutic shower I decided I would try a walk to the library to return my one very overdue book and the other soon to be overdue library book.

None of the above really worked in lessening my pain, and on the way to the library I made the executive decision that the walk down to the supermarket was going on the not today list so I walked down North Street wondering how people thought it was really any less humid today ~ because I was not feeling it!!

The Polish Festival was going on at St. Mark's Church so I slowly made my way down to see if any of my acquaintances were partaking in the festivities.  I ran into a few people whom I know but not the specific people I was looking for.

I wandered into the church to pay my respects to the Lord blessing myself with the holy water at the front door on the way down to the front pew where I insanely kneeled before the altar before sitting down to say a little prayer, jolts of pain flaring up beyond my endurance.

My Jewish friend who followed me into the church must not realize what people are doing when they are in church as he constantly talked to me the whole time I was praying and when I went over and lit a fake candle ( not matches or flame just a button that you push and a light comes on?), talking to me through that prayer as I prayed for strength and compassion.

I decided to get a salad on the way home, heading to A-Mart ~ but they were out of salad and I am so sick and tired of grinders, I reluctantly decided to head home as I was totally defeated and the walk was not the best of ideas.

My friend was reluctant to part company, he is a sweetheart and truth be told he has a little crush which I have made so clear so many times and ways over the years, but what is a girl to do.  He walked with me to another store and through the Common and all of the way to my front gate with me telling him over and over again that it was not necessary, feeling like a stray pet was following me home.  I do wish I could find him a sweet girl to fall in love with who will love him back as he is swell but not the guy for me!

I now had the dilemma of figuring out what to make for dinner.  Sunday is no day to mess around with last minute and late meals as my son and I have our standing date punctually at 8:59 with no exceptions (unless our shows are not airing).

Frozen pork roast or turkey breast ~ I decided on the turkey breast ~ which is now in the oven and should be done in the nick of time with some homemade mashed potatoes and green beans and with luck some gravy (if the darn thing produces any juices) as the turkey is boneless and skinless.

I sure do hope this "limitation reminder" passes during the night as I have a few things going on this week which requires my attendance out in the real world!  Thanks to all of you who responded so nicely with your awesome words and thoughts of well wishes!

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