Wednesday, July 17, 2013


If you are counting this as Tuesday's blog I am really late!  Actually ~ I did sit down to write last night after my day ~ but my eyelids were so heavy that I decided to take the day off from writing and went up to bed instead.

I stayed out of the sun as much as I could yesterday.  I did have a follow up with my physician and found that I had managed to reduce my cholesterol in the 4 years since I was last tested.  The numbers are still high for the "bad" cholesterol ~ and the "good" cholesterol could be better.

Armed with information on how to reduce the bad number with food and not medication I went home and cooked a nice half a fish and really enjoyed it, although I usually don't eat too much in the daytime.  I have three months to try and drop it naturally, get rechecked and go from there.  A nice salad for dinner and I think that is two huge attempts right off the bat!

Not too bad!  The rest of my numbers were good.  No surprises anywhere!  That makes me feel good to say the least!  I don't feel unhealthy in reality and I do try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle with exercise and diet and moderating snacks.  Other than the cigarettes, not too bad.  We shall see how this baseline Chest scan goes later today.

My right brain has been doing all it can do to distract me from writing this week.  I keep sitting down, opening up the blank page and remembering to do something else.  I went to make a tea to prep for writing and washed the dishes and almost forgot to make the tea!

I had a really weird random experience yesterday ~ which I just wrote off last night as my ditziness, but I am not so sure now after speaking with my son.

Yesterday, I put in the second A/C and when I did I brought the little key chain thermometer into the dining room to get a base reading.  It had been in the living room hanging on a lamp across the room from the A/C. I did this back and forth all afternoon until at one point I could not find the key chain.

I could have sworn that it was hanging in the dining room, but when I went to check the temp, it was not hanging where I left it. I figured I must have just put it back in the living room and forgotten about it, but it was not there either.

I thought back an hour and decided maybe I just put it down somewhere while I got distracted by any of the five other things I was doing.  After looking in both rooms, the upstairs, the kitchen, the bathroom, next to my computer and on the floor around where I hang it ~ I was stymied.

I really did not give it a thought until this morning when I was enjoying the coolness of the 75 degrees when I came down in the morning that I did not even give it a thought until I happened to look up from my seat in the living room and noticed it was hanging on the lamp where it should have been in the first place.

I thought to myself ~ I will have to ask Thomas where he found it, as I was damn curious about where I had put it down.  When he got up I asked him where he found it.  Odd thing is, he did not find it.  He had no idea where it went or how it got returned where it should have been.

In my old house in the country ~ my friend Ken, who used to live there with the lady I bought my house from, told me that when he lived in the house that things would seem to vanish like they were erased, and then sometimes days after you were looking for whatever it is you couldn't locate ~ they would reappear, like they were drawn back in.

We did have spirits in that house.  We took two pictures which were clear apparitions of a young girl leaning over the washer in one picture, and in the second picture about ten minutes later it had changed position and was leaning over the dryer which was on the other wall.  It  freaked me out, but in a good way.  Most spirits are just playful entities anyway in my opinion.

My apartment, which is half of a house was owned by an old Italian family and the last owner died here in the house.  After speaking to my son this morning and finding no other explanation as there was no one else (living) in the house at all I could easily believe it was Tony or one of his kin playing a trick on me!

We will never know for sure, which is why it will always remain an unsolved mystery!  As long as things don't get too hinky I am all good with that!  I know after I die, if there is a way to come back I will surely be doing some mischief myself!

I am looking forward to Third Thursday tomorrow night as well.  As this is a given for me ~ regardless of the heat I will be there with bells on!  I cannot wait to see who I randomly encounter!  I am amazed at how quickly the summer is passing!  Until next time I am signing off!

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