Monday, July 29, 2013


Another lazy day after staying up way too late again, but it did help me sleep better being so tired when I finally fell asleep.  No early phone calls to wake me up which was even better!  With little to do around the house I hopped on the computer as usual and with tea in hand proceeded to wake up.

Before I knew it my tea was gone and I was bored with the computer so I decided to check out another book I had taken from the library before preparing for my appointment.  My friend Diane phoned offering me the opportunity to walk her dog Sheyna later in the afternoon which fit in perfectly with the timing of my appointment.

Sheyna had gotten a new harness the day before so between the phone call and the walk I checked it out on the internet, being a new fangled harness with the clip on the front instead of on the dogs back.  Since I am better with a visual I gave it a viewing, and I was grateful that I had when I arrived to walk the dog!

As usual it is my nature to over complicate a simple task.  I put it on once and decided I wasn't sure it was on properly, so I took it off and looked at it and put it back on the same way and it was good.  I was worried as her Mom had told me that she saw another dog the night before and Sheyna managed somehow to get her leg out and slip away so I wanted to be sure it was correct.

We had a nice walk in the park and around her usual haunts.  The park was empty and they had just cut the lawn earlier in the day which made it even nicer.  It had gotten warm again and I wished I had a drink, but before you knew it our time together was over and I was headed home for a hot tea in a cold room.

I had purchased a fairly decent roast beef a couple of days before and decided in the morning that we would be dining on roast beef and baked potatoes so I preheated the oven when I walked in, on my way to get my cup and make a tea.

It has been a while since we had a nice roast for dinner.  For one it is summer and who wants the added heat, but it was well worth the oven time when it was smothered in delicious homemade gravy with some green beans and garlic to go along with the feast.

Neither my son or I complained as we ate our meal in the air conditioned living room as opposed to the hot kitchen where we would normally eat.  It was nice having Sunday dinner on a Monday.  It was a nice treat and the leftovers will be good cold.  Since our lives will be altered a bit over the next couple of weeks with a house guest I figured I owed it to my son and myself kind of a pre-reward.

Thomas is happy with his room the way it is set up now which is a relief.  I hope he feels that way when his Dad is snoring in the room with him for two weeks.  I am sure it will be fine however, and am confident this will be a positive time for the both of them.  They both have bikes and have plans to get out and have adventures of their own over the next two weeks.

I decided to write just a little bit earlier than I have over the previous few times.  I have an engagement with my television set and my son to watch "Under the Dome", I have been faithfully watching, although I had to watch lasts weeks after it aired due to the Empty Stein Fundraiser last Monday.

And I do forgive +Mike Pezzo, who when I told him I had missed it said in one breath, I wont tell you what happened and then told me what happened ~ thanks Mike ~ good thing I am not a petty person but it did suck knowing what was coming as I was watching it ~ kinda like when you haven't seen the game and just before you get home to watch it someone tells you how it ended even though you painstakingly avoided any knowledge of it all day!

Tuesday is looking kind of empty so far.  I am sure that by the time I am up for an hour that will change.  I do know I get to wake up and start a sauce since I am putting it off until morning ~ having made myself comatose with Roast Beef and the biggest baked potato I have seen in a while digesting and my show soon to begin.

It is First Friday Artwalk  this week, and while the artist schedule was posted I have not taken the time to go over it and plan my route of attack on Friday.  I like to be prepared in case someone or something is in a place which is not normally on my list (although I do try to see as much art as possible in the two hours!)

I have two more planned dog walks this week as well and plans to hang out with my friend Jen and go to a museum so I also have to go to the library and see if there is availability of passes on the day we have open so this week is filling in kind of nicely.

Have a great night and keep smiling!

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