Thursday, July 18, 2013


I had a late afternoon appointment in North Adams yesterday, (Wednesday)  for a chest scan so that my doctor could have a base scan since I have been smoking cigarettes forever and a day!   I had to get a ride from my middle son which is why I scheduled it so late in the afternoon.  He encouraged my youngest son to come with us.

As usual he underestimated the time, needing gas at 4:30 at a busy gas station, my stress levels were a little high to say the least.  It was a longer ride than I remembered, used to taking the shortcuts and back roads which were my  main routes in order to avoid the tourists of the season on the main roads.  My son is now opposed to anything less than a paved road ~ citing my choice of roads as a hindrance to the life spans of my cars, which in my opinion is totally incorrect.

In my defence ~ I never raced on these under managed roads, never drove down them until after mud season, and always turned around if the road became to impassable.  I did however drive a lot.  Taking many road trips, and adventures daily as I always had an intense need to be on the go and away ~ no need for a destination.

Give me a car, a tank of gas, my choice of c.d.'s or when in certain areas specific radio stations and if I am lucky specific d.j.'s., a pack of cigarettes, camera  and I was likely to end up just about anywhere which was a necessity for my very existence.  I am amazed that I have gone this long without a car in reality ~ part of the unclear decision making when your life goes to hell in a big way!

So, we made it to the hospital, which I am least familiar with and I had to ask the elderly volunteer where X Ray was ~ she directed me to the elevator and told me to go down one level.  When I came off the elevator at North Adams Regional Hospital I was surprised and amazed to find a bit of artwork on display.

I almost forgot to follow the signs to the X-Ray Department, and my stress had abated completely about being nearly ten minutes late.  I noticed as I went around the corner the familiar colors and subject matter of Scott Taylor ~ which was awesome and almost followed the art the wrong direction ~ passing a much needed sign as I was so caught up in all of the artists along the way!

When I arrived at the X Ray area all of the lights were off in the station.  There was one guy sitting in the waiting area but I couldn't tell if he was waiting or what.  Finally a nurse came by and told me she would get someone.  I was getting nervous ~ not really sure if there was a time which they closed.

The Technician came and asked me if I had gone to registration.  I had no idea what or where he was talking about so I was given a paper and sent down the hall to the window on the left.  More art almost got me, but I made it to the window.  They had to change all my info since it was from another lifetime and I left with a sheet of 40 name tag stickers for one scan??

Once I was checked in the Tech took my paperwork and told me there were two people ahead of me, but then came out a couple of minutes later and the scan was over in a few minutes.  I had more time on the way out to explore the hallway of art I didn't get to see.  Of course I had no paper or pen to write down the names of these artists but I was delighted to check them out.  If you are in the area check out the ground floor of the NARH ~ worth the viewing.

We went home a different more familiar way ~ through Williamstown, New Ashford and Lanesborough via Route 7.  To me every tree is familiar and it was a bittersweet ride with my boys ~ for me.  My middle son disputes any happiness at all which I also disagree with him on that recalling his easy going attitude and easy laughter surrounded with family and friends.  That is my illusion according to him.  Oh well, he can have his illusions and I can have mine.  Whatever it takes I guess to make it work for you.

Today being Thursday I waited until afternoon to leave the house, having forgotten all about a prior engagement, which left my ride sitting in my driveway, where I found him enjoying the shade after I listened to his message saying he was in my driveway and was going to wait a few minutes.  Not typical of me to not be up and ready for something, but we hadn't set a time firmly but it was totally my bad.

After doing Thursday afternoon errands, coming home and eating lunch in the nice cool dining room.  My son and I decided to play some Rummy ~ something we have not done for a while, but which we usually do more  regularly. We almost made it to 500 ~ but I was a bit ahead, so my son decided the last hand was enough.  No argument there I was ahead so I gave in.

I was fighting the urge to blow off this month's Third Thursday event. I was struggling with the decision when I decided to go, which I did, if only to make it seem cooler in the apartment when I returned.  I grabbed a slushy, having the option of two flavors to mix up since the blue was not ready ~ it looked bad, but tasted surprisingly good.

There were a good number of people upstreet, although a large portion of the crowd were teenagers for a change.  I think it was primarily due to the fact that they opened a fire hydrant which looked very cool and refreshing and I was very tempted, as I have never played in one ~ I had too many things that would have gotten wet and ruined but it is on the list for sure.  I think everyone should do it at least once!

I lasted about an hour or so walking up and down in the stifling humidity. I walked up and around and down and back again ~ seeing everything that there was to see in half hearted way.  Having finished my drink, I headed to my friend Diane's show where she said she would be after she was done in her studio ~ there was A/C ~ so I headed over to cool off, but she was out, so I headed out, deciding to head back home, although there was more than an hour left of festivities.

It was just too hot to be festive, so I headed off through the city into the Common where there is usually a nice breeze, but today was a different kind of day and the wind was not enough to do the trick.  It did get a bit cooler as I got closer to home with the coolness off the lake at the end of my street.

Not too sure what the weekend has in store for me, but there may be rain in our future ~ a slight cooling of temperatures is forecasted.  We shall see!  Until next time, have a wonderful night, stay cool, keep hydrated and smile!

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  1. You have a gift to be able to take what life throws at you and turning it into an adventure. What a great talent. Love it.