Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I cannot believe it is Wednesday already!!!  When last I left you I was hoping to be better for my volunteering obligation on Monday.  When I got up on Monday I was not sure if I was going to be able to fulfill my obligation, but unless I am dying I do what I say I am going to do.

I even fit in a unexpected dog walking before I met up with my transportation ~ who fortunately for me was running late as I did my best to grab everything I might need, and finish up my obligations to my household ahead of time with every step slow and precise as my flare up was still in full swing despite the medication I forced myself to take!

Since my ride was one of the women in charge, she had a couple of stops along the way for food and tables, which we loaded into her car and made our way to the Inn in Richmond for the Alchemy Initiative Empty Stein event.

Local artists made beer steins which people pre-ordered tickets to ensure a stein ~ and all others were a first come first pick.  With beer and food and music in the garden, the guests began arriving promptly at 6:00 in order to have the best choices, although all of the steins were beautiful.

There was music playing while guests gathered and chatted with their beers.  Croquet and a games on the lawn and it was a beautiful evening as far as the temperature went.  I was bouncing around checking people in, and later going around selling beer tickets for refills and chatting with various people, some whom I knew and others I was just meeting for the first time.

As it was beginning to grow dark and the band was getting ready to play in the barn ~ the rain decided to fall, and we made mad dashes into the barn with food and tables and set up the beer inside ( I would say just in the nick of time, but some of us got wetter than others!)

It did not dampen the spirits of the party goers however, and everyone had a good time rocking out to Rock Steady in the barn, nibbling on cookies and cheese and drinking beer in their new Steins and bidding on items for the Silent Auction.

I was so busy however, that I never got a chance until after I got soaked to change from my "set up" clothes but was grateful to have a dry shirt to put on ~ I only wished I had remembered to grab a brush because the rain and the humidity killed my hair!!!!!

I had been a bit uncomfortable about attending the event as I had not seen my old best friend since Christmas and I was worried that it would be uncomfortable.  We were both troopers though, and picked up where we left off ~ minus the bad feelings and misunderstanding that caused us to part ways previously. There are many happy people in the world now because of it!

I am not a fan of conflict as you all know if you have been reading ~ so it was nice that we both put aside our conflict and after the party had a chance to talk.  I really feel we both needed the time apart in order to appreciate the other.  I for one am happy about it, as I know she is as well.  It is nice having a good friend, and was difficult for both of us not to be friends for so many months!

Tuesday was definitely a day of recovery for me, and I was glad that I gleaned some info off a massage guy to try to break the pain cycle which seems to be stemming from the dreaded sciatic nerve.  I did the recommended stretches and gained enough relief to walk to the supermarket to grab a green pepper and a fresh box of hot dogs that my son loves so much (and can cook in a pinch if I am out being social!)

While I was out (I love timing) I happened upon my friend Diane and her dog Sheyna.  Sheyna came running over to greet me ~ not used to seeing her Mom and me at the same time during a walk ~ I love that fluffy puppy!!!  (I love most dogs ~ but Sheyna is my ultimate favorite!)  Diane was beat after the hectic week of preparation for the evening before's event, but pleased and relieved it was such a success and behind her!

My friend Cindy showed up later in the evening, returning the notebook of my first 50 blog posts and told my son that I should write a book, since in her opinion I come through good on paper.  It made me feel good to hear another positive review!

I went with her to the store and we walked to the library before it closed so that she could reserve some D.V.D's and I helped her create an aol account and a new facebook account.  Of course something went wrong ~ I think she entered the wrong password, and with 7 minutes left on the computer we did not have time to correct the issue!

My son joined us on the return and we grabbed ice cream (which did not have a chance to melt) and enjoyed it on the church steps before heading back through the park to our homes.  We ran into my son's Dad ~ who yelled at my son for walking by the first time without stopping to say hello ~ before we continued down the road.

I was totally full of ice cream and beat by that time, so I did my nightly computer things - minus the blog since I did not have the energy to formulate my thoughts and coordinated with my friend Mike for the next mornings errands.

Six a.m. came quickly after a very sleepless night despite the cooler temperatures.  The sciatic nerve pain is gone for now!  Thanks to the stretches I think!  Just in time as I had to do so much this morning and have my next volunteering obligation this evening at the Barrington Stage Company.

Garbage is out, laundry is in, food is put away, blog is written, and I am thinking about making sauce for dinner tonight instead of vacuuming the rest of the apartment.  Knowing me, however, I will make the sauce and vacuum the upstairs.  I have half an idea of what I am wearing this evening so I am in good shape for the day!

Looking back over the previous two days ~ I am amazed I made it through at all!  It is a new play at Barrington Stage this evening so I will let you know tomorrow how it was.  I have no doubt it will be wonderful as they all have been!  They are an outstanding Theatre group and I am totally psyched to be going!

Until next time ~ have a great day and don't forget to smile!


  1. I love reading your blogs when I finally get the chance to :-) keep up the good work !

  2. Good to know you had a pain free time, keep up the stretching and I do hope you have as much fun at your show as you are having in this post, thanks for sharing you life with us and I do hope you have a great day today and a wonderful weekend