Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Another day draws to a close, and what a long and productive one it has been!  I have definitely achieved tiredness upon completion all of my tasks of the day!  I was up and running before I was even awake, it seemed, on a mission ~ a woman with a plan.

I began cooking even before I made my tea throwing the hot Italian sausage in the oven to cook, and turning on the cast iron frying pan with some oil and garlic to preheat while I chopped up the onions and peppers.
I didn't even think about tea until the vegetables were cooking nicely  in the pan and my area was wiped clean along with the utensils.

I had turned on my computer out of habit and it was fully loaded when I finally arrived with  my tea in hand as the garlic browned and the onions glazed, along with the bell pepper.  I went out and gave it a stir and flipped around the sausages in the oven and made another tea ~ the first one going down way to fast after so much work fueled by pure adrenaline and the need to keep to the schedule I had made for my morning.

With the vegetables cooked, I browned some ground beef in the same pan ~ pushing the veg to the side and utilizing the other half of my pan.  I seasoned the meat and left it to cook while I finished off what morning tasks I do to wake up my brain and make sure there are no surprises.  Believe me, if I had won the lottery my day would have taken a different turn for sure!

Since I had not won the lottery, I finished my meat and mixed the vegetables into it and let the flavours cook together for a while longer and got out the diced tomatoes and the sauces I was mixing together for my sauce base.

More garlic, Italian Seasonings and some fresh basil from my friends garden, along with a few other random things which I throw into my sauce and it was just about time to pull the sausage out of the oven to add to the mix, along with the meat and vegetables and I was ready to relax for a while as I got my sauce to a low simmer.

Once I was satisfied my heat was right I jumped in the shower and got ready to head out in the world to do phase two of my Tuesday morning.  I had my route mapped out and headed over to the courthouse to check a date where my old schoolmate Melisa helped me out.

I headed over to the library next to check on availability for Museum passes in order to firm up my plans for Thursday.  To my dismay the Clark Art Museum had no tickets until well into August so I secured two for the earliest date possible.

It worked out well, although disappointed the tickets were not available for this week, thanks to my girlfriend.  She phoned to firm up plans and I updated her she told me about another Museum in Williamstown with a couple of interesting displays ~ which we will check out in the meantime!

The week certainly is filling in as I was invited to canoe  tomorrow evening with a friend who has been out of town for a couple of weeks.  Not sure if I can remember the last time I was in a canoe, but I was assured it was a beginner route, and having grown up on a lake I do know how to row a boat and handle and oar ~ I am not worried at all and am looking forward to the experience.

Dinner turned out well, after simmering all afternoon.  I was anticipating eating all day after smelling it cook away.  While I was out walking the dog, Tom's Dad phoned from my house and I had him put on some water for pasta to get a jump on it.  I brought Sheyna, (my friends dog) home and gave her a treat and headed home.

We got the news, although disappointing, that we will not be having a two week visit with Tom's Dad as his apartment is going to be available on the first after all!  Yeah ~ it is good to see things work out for people!  I am so tired of hearing how things are not working out that it is a nice change for sure!

I really cannot believe it will be Wednesday tomorrow already!  Which reminds me that I have not checked out the artist schedule for Friday ArtWalk.  I have seen some previews on Facebook, already a couple of necessary stops earmarked for the evening, I need to get my schedule down ~ I like to be prepared.

Phew ~ busy and quick week ~ busy and quick Summer!  Soon it will be August and fall will be knocking at our door shortly after that.  Summers really are too short here in the Berkshires but I would not trade the changing of the seasons for anything!

I am out ~ another busy one ahead so I must get my beauty sleep!  I am not really sure what is in store but I am sure I will  make it back in one piece to let you  know how it went.  Until then ~ have a wonderful week and expect the unexpected ~ sometimes the unexpected brings amazing results!

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