Saturday, April 6, 2013


It was a wonderfully warm April evening with the sun still shining brightly as I made my way to the Lichtenstein Gallery, always my first stop during first Friday Artwalk, usually, because it is so cold and I need a place to warm up and it is the closest exhibit from my house! 

No need to warm up last night though and the annual BAA Fellowship Show was underway with work by Berkshire based College Art Students.  All of the art submissions were amazingly awesome to view, and a couple of artists really caught my eye including but not limited to Deena Bak, Jocelyn Fifield, Dell Fontaine, Stephanie Owyang and Louise C. Smith just to name a few!  The show is going  on through April 27, so if you are in the area do stop in to check out the works by these up and coming artists!  I cannot wait to see who wins!

After the Lichtenstein, I wandered over to the Shops at Crawford Square to check out local landscapes by my High School Art Teacher Morris Bennett, I was pleased with the landscapes and with saying hello and chatting with Mr. Bennett and his wonderful wife before the room got swamped with more art appreciators!  I was unaware Mr. Bennett did landscapes and I loved them all!  In school he was always working on abstract art - which I am a huge fan of!

I made a bee- line down the corridor and saw all new work by Mr. Webber of his works my two favorites were "Lenox Hills with Silos" and Greylock Valley, which made me homesick for New Ashford!  Just beyond his work I fell in love with Anne Pasko's "Blackie".

I was however there to check out one of my favourite local artists, Scott Taylor who was up on the second floor in a new location showing his art in the wonderful office suite of Decades of Holistic Wellness, also a new place to see work this month.  Up the stairs and throughout the suite were amazing, bright and colourful works which is Scott Taylor's trademark.  Loving the Daisies in Blue Pots, Spring and Purple Pansies - just to name a few.  I sampled a bite of cheese and waited to speak to Mr. Taylor who had a nice little crowd around him, including Susan Geller and Ty Jackson of Big Head Books.  

Last month Scott Taylor, who I usually see in his studio, was working on a commission painting, which he finished.  He mailed me a couple of days prior to this show to tell me his studio would be closed and his location for this month, and gave me the heads up on Morris Bennett as well.  While I was at his show he let me know that he had left the commissioned painting in the hallway at NU Arts Gallery, one of my regular stops so that I might see it.  I felt honoured at both the personal email and his having it on display so I could check it out!  

On my way out the door, I saw one of my old schoolmates Mom's and reintroduced myself to her, although once I said my name she remembered me immediately   We chatted for a moment or two and she told me about a gallery I had never been to before, so I made a dash and semi backtracked back towards the Lichtenstein to Downtown Pittsfield, Inc.

"I saw a Spectacle,
Once Upon a time,
Then wondered 
If I'd Had,
A long time past It's Happening
In Art there is no Consequence"

These words graced the entrance of  the exhibit at Downtown Pittsfield, Inc., artist featuring Candice Cimini-Farrell for her show called  "Spectacle:  In Art There is no Consequence" where I viewed some amazing oils and acrylics by aforementioned artist where I viewed "Hangman", Ryken Sound, Blue Wallow and Allison River, just to name a few.  I had never seen work by this artist before and it was a wonderful show with the artist in attendance looking marvelous!   

I had never been in the Downtown Pittsfield Inc Gallery, I was somehow, unaware that it was there even though I walk past there a few times a week!  I loved the artist work and although I did not sample the fare (me pass up a chocolate tasting?!!!)  I did enjoy the music being played by "The Tablesaw Acoustic Band" and will be enjoying the free container of Berkshire Mountain Mamas Wicked Body Butter, which also claims to be an all natural bug repellant!

While at the NU Arts Studio and Gallery the first artist I saw was Diane Firtell and we chatted for a few minutes and I looked at her new collection of cards which she had just finished!  So bright and colorful and delicious to my senses!  Pleased to see a new beautiful painting on the wall, which she tells me is a series of 7 in which she has already sold 5!  Congrats!!!

On my way there I stopped in at the Berkshire Community College Intermodel Gallery and saw a collection of work by Jim Squires, Emrys Yetz, Wayne Kickery and Brad Briggs.  I really liked three pieces there, however they were untitled and no artists were credited so all I can say is the Sawblade, the Wolf and the Orange fish were my favs there!

So much great art to see and I do so look forward each and every first Friday to attend this wonderful event!    There is so much amazing work to see and artists whom I didn't even mention here.  The displays will be up all month to enjoy!  I highly recommend the visit to North Street and a visit to any and all of the businesses which will be showing the works in their stores!  

I walked home in the fading sunlight still warm at 7:00 after a most enjoyable evening!  My thirst for art quenched for yet another month after such a long March!  I cannot wait for May!

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