Saturday, April 27, 2013


I have had the best past few days.  For me life is all about being happy, busy, productive and creative and not about wasting time.  Lately, I have felt very dissatisfied with my levels of productivity and creativity.   Over the past couple of days, however I have fulfilled all areas so I am finally happier than I have been in a while.

Finally getting back into my "normal" Friday routine, whereas I have been able to go to my two favorite food pantries to obtain food and see people whom I have not seen in months, so I fulfilled my productive and necessary task of actually having enough food in the house, which does help set my mind at ease a great deal.  It is also nice to have people notice you have been away, and receive greetings and warm and welcoming smiles.

I was able to get so much done on Friday on top of that, getting out into the warmth of the sunshine for a change and walking without freezing and getting my errands done is always a bonus.  I also got to the library and picked up a couple of new random books up to absorb some more creative writing styles, on top of using the computer and going to the printer to get a picture for an art workshop I attended today!

I learned a new skill.  Decoupage.  It was fun!  I cannot wait to get the proper materials and fool around with this new found skill!  No pictures as it is a gift, and mine needed another coat and we ran out of time.  I am a slow person, I am not too proud to admit it!  I had no vision before I began, unsure exactly of what the outcome should be, but I do believe that the gift will be well received.

Getting out for an afternoon with the ladies, listening to some excellent music and being creative was such great fun.  Definitely thankful for the invitation to participate in this fun time!  My friend Nancy had done the full workshop, whereas this one was just two people and the wonderful Diane Firtell teaching us how to create these masterpieces was memorable!

I got to walk Sheyna, (Diane's sweet dog) so that was also a bonus for me!  When I was walking over to the workshop, it was perfect timing, as Di and Shey were walking out of their front door, so I got to walk her twice and if you like dogs, there is nothing like a sweet little fur ball resting their head on your lap content with your presence, something I have been missing from my own dog since his bittersweet absence almost a year ago.

I look forward as well to a birthday celebration meal on Sunday for my youngest son's Dad.  His birthday was the other day, but we made plans for an Italian Feast on Sunday with spaghetti, hot sausage, homemade sauce and meatballs.  I have decided to make his favorite dessert as well, Boston Creme Pie, so I get to make my Grandma's homemade custard filling for the center, one of my favorite things to eat and make.

So happy, busy, creative and satisfied are the keywords for me this week.  I am truly all of those!  Hope you all have a chance fulfill your needs as I have been blessed and rejuvenated by my past three days!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I 'm so Happy for u ..that you are doing so good keep it up...