Sunday, April 28, 2013


Wow!  What  a busy day!  It began early with a text from my adopted daughter who is in the hospital, so add to the day of cooking a brief visit to the hospital, cuz somehow I got the visiting hours wrong!  So much changes in such a short time!  I could swear they used to begin at two not end at two!

After a partial tea, I began my morning chopping and sauteing vegetables, onions, peppers and garlic to get my sauce started, hot sausage went into the oven and while the veg sauteed I began making my meatballs to get them into the oven while I got the rest of the sauce together.

I am glad I did the dishes last night after dinner, instead of having to clean my kitchen this morning, considering the unplanned hospital visit!  I just cannot work in a kitchen with dirty dishes around it, and it makes it easier to keep it clean as you go along!

After the sausage and meatballs baked in the oven, and I added them to my sauce it was time to begin the Boston Cream Pie.  I got the cake in the oven, it was just a simple recipe, one pan, came out golden yellow and fell right out of the pan without a hitch.

While that cooled and my sauce simmered and blended, it was time for a quick shower and a quick walk to the hospital for what remained of the afternoon visiting hours.  With only 15 minutes before it was over, I made my way to my friends room.  Grateful to have gotten to see her, make sure she was alright before she headed outdoors for some of this gorgeous sunshine.

I made my way back home to make my custard filling, thinking of all of the hours spent watching my grandmother make this for her cream puffs, helping her as I got older and having many pleasant flashbacks of the times I have spent with her, and since she has been gone, without her, making her recipes, loving the fact that I am reading and viewing her handwriting and basking in the love of being a little girl in her presence.

Slicing the cake in two parts went well, the challenge was to get the two halves off of each other without breaking either one, which my trusty assistant, Tom helped me out by taking the plate with the top half so I didn't drop both halves to the floor.

Now my custard is chilling, my sauce is simmering, I am plugging away at sharing my busy and productive day with you all!  Two more steps, filling the cake and making the chocolate topping is all I have left, aside from making the spaghetti and deciding on if I do want to make the garlic rolls as well, which I will probably do and my work will be done!

It looks like a good birthday meal will be had by all who are in attendance.  (I did snitch the odd meatball after a fashion to make sure they were okay ~ if the meatballs are any indication, I should have some very satisfied guests!

I for one, anticipate the dessert.  My son is surprised that I am going to all this trouble for his Dad.  I do not understand why.  I love to cook and I do believe you should celebrate your birthday with things you like, and while it does seem like a lot of work, everything is a process, and as my favorite dessert as well as his Dad's I am being selfish and making it.  His Dad will be surprised though.  Not everyone has a Mom who does the little things, I am not sure how celebrated my ex husband's birthdays were over the course of his life, but I am sure it will be a birthday meal he will not soon forget!

I am so caught up with my day, just the way I like it!  The more I have to do, the better I feel.  A welcome change after the drudgery of the winter blahs!  Heading off into the kitchen to wash out my pan and make my topping so everything will be in order.

Have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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