Friday, April 5, 2013


I am working on a new writing project so I have been balancing my time on two fronts and trying to keep focused on life at home in the real world as well.  I have not published any of it.  I do not think it will be anything like what I am currently writing here on this blog.  I will keep you posted.

With the arrival of a 50 degree (two nice days in a row!!!)  I am excited!  It is also First Friday Artwalk here in Pittsfield this evening so I am trying to get my work done here in order to get out for 5:00 to enjoy the exhibits.  I cannot wait as it is the highlight of my month to see who and what is out in the Art world.

Yesterday, I got a great laugh when my phone rang in the afternoon and one of my friends asked me why I wasn't answering my door.  (He claimed to be knocking on my backdoor.)  There were no knocks on my door so I was thinking he must be at the other apartment, so I went outside and looked over to their backdoor and my friend was not there, I walked around the back of my house to my deck, still no one was around my house, so I phoned him back and got voice mail.  Then I called out his name, cuz he was not visible.

No answer, then my phone rang and I walked to the front of my house and looked over to the house next door and saw him at my other neighbors house!  I was cracking up - he is a funny guy anyway and had only been to my house once, it was at night and he found it fine, he hung out briefly with me and my Dad, who is a good friend of his while we were playing WII.

I laughed so hard I almost fell over when he was at the wrong house!  To be honest, the house next door looks exactly like my house, so it was an honest mistake!  I am surprised my neighbor didn't answer his door while my friend was knocking on it and point him in the right direction!

It was a nice visit.  Totally unexpected and fun.  That is what I love about nice weather, people getting out, enjoying the day, visiting and being visited.  As I prepare to go explore the world of sunshine today, I am a little sad, as it would be a perfect day for an extra long walk with my dog if he were still with me!  Oh well!  I have to shift my focus on the world that is open to me now, not the one that tied me down in the past!

I am off now to hurry around to get ready to explore what adventures await me in the course of my travels today!  I wish you all great adventures as well!  Get out into the world and make the best of it!

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  1. LOL That would make a great scene in a movie! Enjoy the nice weather and the day, and be sure to report back on the art scene. :)