Friday, April 19, 2013


Today is my absolute favorite kind of day.  The day when, even though it is cloudy and grey, with a spattering of raindrops, the first warm wind is blowing through and the sun is in the sky, it is refreshing and for me  the sign that always, for me signifies spring.

I feel blessed today, having seen some people I have not gotten to see in a while, able to do my "old" Friday routine for the first time in months.  Feeling blessed that, although two people whom I met, one of whom being one of the oldest people in the town where most of my relatives live and hailed from, and another a younger woman, have passed over the winter, that I got the opportunity to speak to listen to the elder Mrs. Chase's stories about the town and my relatives of long ago before I was born.  I love history and first hand accounts of my elders.

It is also good, as I have been extremely busy and productive since early this morning.  Up and the ready, on time and pretty much non stop.   Getting food in the house, doing chores and an unexpected pleasure of dog walking.  

Sweet Sheyna is my friend Diane's, dog, she is a beautiful terrier poodle, it was very nice to see her with her new spring haircut, cute as a button with her grey fur spotted with black.  Eager as anything to get out and explore with her puppy sense of adventure!  As I said the weather was perfect for it!

Busy as a bee I was, and my work is not done.  I have more to do, but I need to sit and write and catch my breath before I carry on with more of the productive part of the day.  Walking my friends dog really takes it out of me!  Yet it invigorates me and restores me as well. I have been missing my own dog, who I had to part with almost a year ago.  

After this long week of tragedies in our country, and my home state, finally some progress and hopefully some answers and some justice to follow in regards to the bombing, it was nice to get back to doing things that were routine, productive and out of the norm as well.  

I look forward, now that Spring has truly arrived to the renewal nature, with the birds chirping, the trees budding, the flowers popping their heads up through the ground, waking up and shining their beauty.  I love all seasons, but I am partial to spring and all of the greens that pop seemingly all at once all around me!

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