Thursday, April 25, 2013


This has certainly been a long month.  I finally had my eyes checked last week after my glasses broke into three irreparable pieces and since I had harvested all the parts from previous glasses there was nothing I could do but go and get my eyes checked and now I am waiting patiently to be able to see again.

Being vision impaired makes it difficult to do just about everything.  Considering that I cannot really see distance since 6th grade, and now in my older years require glasses for reading as well I have been at  a huge  disadvantage.

I have been thankful for my son for helping me cross busy streets so I don't get taken out by speeding vehicles.  Short of typing for me, I have been limited on my writing because I just cannot see that well and my fingers have not been cooperating with letting my brain know when I make an error typing!!

I have been keeping productive but in a limited way around the house, cleaning and organizing and cooking as usual.  I have also been reading books in order to get an idea of new styles of writing.  It keeps me away from the computer and I have been very entertained and motivated enough to begin a second writing project different from my blog.

I am thankful as well that the Boston Police and FBI have made our state safe again with the capture of the Marathon Bombers.  That was quick and efficient.  They probably realized that if they did not get them then Bostonians would surely take the matters into their own hands and that, I am certain would have been a whole different ball game!

I do hope that my new glasses arrive soon however, before next Friday, as it is almost time for another First Friday Artwalk again.  I had a great time last month, and as you may realize it is one of the greatest pleasures that I have, until the warm weather rolls around and we have Third Thursdays again on North Street, complete with vendors and bands up and down our Main Street, and Live at the Lake on Wednesdays.   Our city does have some nice cultural activities going on which were not here when I grew up in the city.  I am glad that I am around to appreciate and participate.

The Burger King, which had closed due to some financial difficulties has reopened and my son and I just had an interesting experience there.  Their service is a little too be desired ~ which I am certain they will get together sooner, rather than later I am hoping, but we will be sure to go back again, as we received two complimentary Whopper  cards for pointing out the fact that our food was ready and our drinks were not and we had to wait for five extra minutes.  While our first taste of Burger King was a little less to be desired, since cold burgers and fries are not as mouth watering as they would have been hot, I am sure that when we next return they will have ironed out the wrinkles.

So I leave you now.  I have to find a picture suitable to decoupage on a clay pot for Saturday, so I am brainstorming this one.   I am not really too sure what I have in mind, as it was just sprung on me today.  What does one decorate a clay pot with?  Hmmm... .  So I am away!  Have a great day!

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