Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The past two days have been very productive in the continued effort to complete spring cleaning.  All of the curtains are washed  and half of the floors and part of the walls have been scrubbed down.  Very satisfying and refreshing to plug away through these random yet necessary chores.  Not only do I complete a task, I am also rewarded by a clean and refreshing aroma to welcome spring!

Today has also been profitable in that I acquired a whole pineapple and get to begin yet another much anticipated project of growing a pineapple.  I read about it some months ago and it intrigued me, as much as the avocado tree!  Looking forward to seeing if it really works!

I have limited ability with the repetitive motion involved in scrubbing down the floors and I do it the old fashioned way on my hands and knees it is a definite chore and I was amazed at how much my knees are rebelling today along with my neck, back and shoulders.  You have to pick your battles and I chose to do this "chore" so I willingly and knowingly accept the pain that goes along with it, besides I had to let the housekeeper go due to the recession.  (Joke ~ wish I had a housekeeper, but that would be me!)

I patiently anticipate the consumption of the delicious roast pork which is now baking in my oven with some carrots, potatoes and red onions nicely seasoned with some curry, garlic and lemon and pepper.  It should be an amazing meal by the smell of it!

I am enjoying the last 40 pages of the final book in the trilogy.  It has been an exciting read so far to say the least.  I am trying to view other peoples writing styles.  Like painters and musicians, writers have their own styles and voices.  I am widening my circle of authors in order to do just that.

I got to pick up season 2 of Veronica Mars and cannot wait to sink my eyeballs into that one!  I missed it when it was on and my friend got me caught up in it recently.  Season one ended in such a way which I never would have predicted, and I am usually the one that figures out the puzzle pretty quickly but I did not see that coming at all!

All in all, life is good.  The only downfall of the day is that my glasses finally gave out and are now in three unfixable pieces!  I would have to be a wizard to put these bad boys back together.  I guess the bright side is that I have been procrastinating the new eye exam after the one I made and waited a month for was with the wrong kind of doctor due to the fact that the receptionist misinformed me, dear woman!

So I write this totally blind, as I cannot see very well without them!  My son accompanied me for a walk to the store today so I would not get run over crossing the street!  I hope it is okay and that I don't miss anything.  I am sure you will all forgive me if I do or else point it out if it is that critical!

Have a great evening!

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  1. You have just an amazing ability to describe your life thank you for sharing it with me! love you bye