Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today I am focusing on only good, because as I just read "You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind!"  As my goal is to be a happy and positive person I will try harder to focus on all the good and positive things instead of over thinking, over worrying and over questioning myself and things which are beyond my control!

Already this day has blessed me with the first tea on my deck with the nice breeze and warm sunshine waking me up, open windows, and just being alive and grateful for it!  The potting of the avocado pit which is blessing me with a firm main stalk and good healthy roots and fresh outbreak of leaves, along with the planting of a bulb which I force bloomed from the church, which gave me great pleasure in watching!  (Always a fan of nature and science combined!)

Finding through Google search an author I read a couple of years ago from a very limited search without title or author name ~ how cool is that?  Cooler still was discovering that we share the same birthday, although he is one year older than me, with early birthday greetings and communication with S.G. Browne, all of the way from California!  I love the Internet!  My first published author interaction!

Yesterday, taking out the third and final book to the trilogy I read over the weekend, and having almost completed it delightfully and deliciously enjoying every word, as a good book has the power to take me out of my awkward moments and breath renewed life into my weary soul!

Checking email and finding that yes, the Second Season to Veronica Mars which I reserved is in so that perhaps +Sunday Brunch will come over and watch with me, as she got me started in the first place and with luck will forgive me for watching the final episode on Sunday to Season One to remove myself from  my funk.  That the final ( I hope not) Game of Thrones book also came in, and considering how my need to read is overpowering everything else, (except the necessary responsibilities)!

Also, my new understanding after an hour conversation on a different way to look at certain things which have been bothering me, and a little tweak to my thinking and some new tools to help me understand and more fully clarify and define my relationships and said necessary boundaries to them which are necessary for my own personal survival!

Dishes done, laundry done, all work, now the play!  Time to enhance my day with a new and renewed positive outlook!  Priceless!

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