Wednesday, April 17, 2013


On Monday, in the capital city of the state in which I have resided my whole life, on a state holiday celebrating the Patriots of our country, during one of the most traditional events, The Boston Marathon, a person wishing to invoke fear desecrated, killed and injured many people.

As an American, a Massachusettsian  and a human being I am totally angered by this act.  My prayers and thoughts go out to all of those whose lives this tragedy has personally touched, which is evident by the huge gathering for the prayer vigils in Boston and many other places.

I am also proud, proud as  I watched  the people who rushed in during the bombing, selflessly helping the injured without hesitation.   The police, the firemen, the volunteers, on the street during the chaos and confusion, doing what was necessary  quickly.   And to the  Doctors the nurses and most amazingly the runners who went and gave blood after running the race for the innocent victims.

I am not sure if this person or group of people, as the identity of said bomber is still uncertain, only a coward would do such an act of killing women and children;  realizes that he (they) picked the wrong state to try to perpetuate their terror on.  I say this statement, not to acknowledge this person or to give this person credit, but to give the residents of Massachusetts credit for their strength and unity during this horrific event.

We are not going to cower in fear and worry about what is coming next.  We are going to stand strong and united and pull together, because if there is one true thing to say about the residents of our fair State it is that we are strong and fearless, and we don't take any  shit ~ especially Bostonians.

We are all hale and hearty, whether from the city of Boston, or the Berkshire Hills or any point down the Pike.  We are rich, we are poor, we are in between.  We are hard workers and we are survivors.  We are proud.  We are strong and we stand together.  We believe in justice, whether it is on the streets, or in the courtrooms.  I would not like to run into a group from South Boston on a mission to say the least!!  We stand and fight, not run and hide.

I usually do not allow an overflow of bad news into the house.  I was out shopping when my son called to tell me about the bombing on Monday, he was quite concerned and had me in front of the television, until I got him out of the house.  When we returned he was back in front of the t.v. again, waiting and watching for any new information, and I was right there with him.

Today, one of the major news channels reported that the suspected bomber was in custody, and I, like many other people were interested to know the who's and what's and why for of this story.  It was misinformation,  sadly, as they had no one in custody ~ which is why I do not usually let myself get sucked into the media.  It is all about ratings these days and less about reporting accurate news.

After dinner, the first thing my son wanted to do was to check the television to see if there was any new information.  I know it seems insensitive and I diverted him from it relatively quickly.  All that constant news about the same thing can be maddening and not very healthy in the doses they dish out.  I for one know that if any major "factual" news happens, it will be all over the place, so endlessly watching CNN or whatever station, for me is wasted time.  I will not miss it!

Please, do yourselves a favor, and limit the intake of repetitious news.  Do not give this person the satisfaction of knowing that he is in control, manipulating and enhancing worry and fear.  Do what we from Massachusetts do ~ pull together, hug your family, say a prayer for those lost and those fighting to hang on, count your blessings ~ then pick up and move on.  Do not let this bully win ~ justice will prevail!!!!

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