Saturday, June 1, 2013


Happy first day of June and Saturday to boot!  I have a very fun day ahead of me, as it was my granddaughters 6th birthday the other day with her pool party tomorrow, I have to go find an amazing present for this sweet little princess!

Having three boys myself and a brother with a son, it is rare that I get the opportunity to shop for a little girl.  She is also part tomboy on top of being a princess, very much an expert on light saber wars with my eldest son.  It should be fun and interesting.  I am sure that the right present will present itself!

I used to love buying presents back in the days when I was a consumer.  I am so out of practice now, I hope  I am not too out of touch!  The weather seems to be nice, sunny and probably extremely hot and humid, as it has been for a couple of days, but I am showered and almost ready to begin my adventure!

This week has been long and filled with early mornings and much activity, unlike last weekend which was filled with fun from Friday through Sunday, in which time went by so rapidly with my friend Lisa, whom I miss, and it feels like a month has gone by instead of a week!

I had a wonderful outing at the Pittsfield State Forest, with a hike and I picked the prettiest little flowers to boot!  It was so humid downtown on Thursday that I was thankful to be on top of the mountain with a most refreshing breeze and breathable air!

I also completed reading Penny Vincenzi's "No Angel", 636 very dense yet a very interesting story which was difficult at best to put down and the prequel to "Something Dangerous" which I began last night, even though I was going to read another book in between.

She packs so much history and story into her work!  I pride myself on  being able to read 600 pages in only 3 or 4 hours, not so with her work ~ try three days!  The only saving grace is that four hours will go by in what feels like two!

I made it through May ~ regardless!  Yeah!  Not really looking forward to next week as I have to tie up loose ends from my break-up with my ex from last July with court on Tuesday ~ not looking forward to facing a 6 man jury on his violation of a restraining order.  I really hate court and judges and juries for that matter ~ but it will  be done and over and then I can continue on with my life!  I for one am praying for a natural disaster of some sort to make it go away or postpone the inevitable, but I am not holding my breath!

I am thankful I will have a fun day before this major event.  I totally look forward to seeing my granddaughter and my son and his beautiful wife and my wonderful in laws ~ they know how to have real fun and we all love Ms. Ainsley so very much!!!  I cannot wait to give her a huge hug!

Off now to find a wonderful gift for the munchkin and get some errands done as well before it gets too hot so I can lose myself into the next 600 pages!  Have a great day!

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