Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I got to enjoy a very stress free day today, which after yesterday was most necessary.  I did notice that I again, for the third night in a row being awake at the unhappy hour of 3:30, so perhaps it was not stress which prevented me from sleeping.

I had a cig, read a little, turned on the t.v. for background and fell asleep when it was just getting light out again!  Fortunately for me I woke up just in time for the garbage men to pick up my garbage.  Silently thankful that the visit I was hoping my friend Lisa would surprise me at 9:00 that she teased me about did not happen, as I was not really awake as I had planned.   Alas, it was not in the cards for the day.  I puttered around all day instead alternating from computer to book, and finally got in the shower after noon when my tobacco ran out and it was necessary to get motivated for my out of the house errands.

It was nice out but the only excitement was two unmarked State Police and a marked S.P. Cruiser and one of Pittsfields finest going through the car of someone they had pulled over.  Otherwise, the park was empty of children and people walking dogs.  The city was almost deserted!

I flew through my errands as quickly as my legs could walk, doing a loop with the furthest destination first and down and around and back again through the park.  We were down to two cruisers, the unmarked State Police off on another mission fighting crime and keeping our city safe.

When I arrived home my son talked me into a movie, an old black and white which I love and which I have been trying to get my children to appreciate with a good portion of success.  I do not know what it is about old black and white movies from the late 30's early 40's which I find so appealing.

I think it is the simplicity, the style the pace which I find so appealing.  Simpler times, humor and mannerisms I think, along with the elegant clothing as well.  There is something appealing about men in suits and women in hats and gloves.

While we were watching the movie, I had the chicken stock from yesterday heating up so that I could fill it with chicken, carrots and green beans.  I opted for ditalini on the side in place of the potatoes since my middle son was not around.  After a while the kitchen was clean and the soup was ready to be enjoyed.

It was good and just what the doctor ordered.  Nothing like a nice homemade soup on a somewhat cool day after a couple of days of stress.  A meal in a bowl for sure leaning more towards a vegetable soup with some chicken in it.  Delicious!

Now that dinner is done, everything is put away I am ready to go tackle some more of this dense book I am trying to power through with limited success.  Early morning tomorrow and a busy day to boot.  I am off for now!

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