Thursday, June 27, 2013


It has been one crazy busy week full of unplanned fun, friends, meals and an awesome workshop thrown in to boot!  It feels like a month since I had a minute to sit down and recap it has been so non stop busy, but not in a frantic, stressed or rushed kind of way ~ more like ~ wow ~ is it really Thursday already??

I was thankful to not get caught in the rain at all this week and also to accomplish some much needed housework and was even able to flip the switch on my very high ceiling fan in the great room (with a spotter) standing on a table with a milk crate on it armed with a broom to flip that silly switch ~ oh what a difference proper air flow makes!

My avocado tree is growing in leaps and bounds ~ finally got it in a bigger pot with more room to grow those roots big and strong and it already has a hat of new leaves growing out the top of its stem.  I am amazed to have succeeded in NOT killing it!  Yeah!!!

I for one am in an awesome mood, having had a bit of company to cook for and converse with and hang out on the deck and catch the rays or the breeze depending on the day.  I made a huge omelet yesterday after my friend Mike and I did some errands hoping it would take away some of the lag I was feeling (it didn't help ~ but it tasted really good for the 4th omelet that I have ever made in my entire life!  (I am not a breakfast person ~ but sometimes you just need an omelet!

I have to be careful about overdoing it.  Especially in the summertime where we have a tendency to be more active, as too much exertion will throw my pain into higher levels and then I can't live my life ~ fearing I had overdone it the day before, there was nothing to do but listen to my body and give it a rest yesterday afternoon.

I had a workshop on E.F.T.  It is short for Emotional Freedom Technique.  Elizabeth Paris was a wonderful coach!
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a drug free therapy that helps with anxiety, weight loss, PTSD and much more. EFT is an evidence-based therapy that is being used by millions worldwide. EFT has been described as emotional acupressure, gently decreasing negatives emotions and allowing our amazing bodies to heal themselves. This gentle, yet powerful technique is turning heads. Don't miss out on your chance to experience EFT for yourself! 

Hosted by Margaret Lively, Holistic Wellness Coach & Founder.

What a great workshop!  I, along with 7 other women met last evening at Decades of Health ~ strangers for the first 5 minutes, but united in that room for the two hours we spent learning a new tool to relieve stress and "peel back the layers of  junk that accumulates by life in general!

I am not a "New Age" fanatic but I do believe in energy flow and balance and your body storing and holding on to toxic waste and blocking the flow of energy which is bad.  This technique uses a series of tapping and talking and it does reduce fears, physical pains.

Interestingly enough for me personally, as I was tapping a slight headache on the emotion anger which turned into a guilt over my bringing my dog to the pound instead of giving him a good, long, happy life as I promised him when I rescued him as a puppy 11 years ago to a deep sadness connected to many things, but ultimately went back to my early childhood and the dissolving of my early life with both of my natural parents.

It was very enlightening!  I cannot wait to practice this technique regularly to fully uncover my core self (which I have been working on for what seems like forever) but has only been the past thirteen years of my life!

I thank Margaret Lively for hosting the event!  It is funny, the day she posted the workshop, I had just read an article in a waiting room about E.F.T., which I had found extremely interesting.  When I came home and turned on the computer the event was listed and I was feeling compelled to attend, although it came at a bad time of the month and prior to my money.

I remember sending her a message and saying I really wanted to attend and doing something I never do and asking if I could pay her after the event, an hour later my son checked the mail and there was one piece ~ he said it's a check ~ I was like ~ no way, it is a bill...he opened it and it was a check!!!

If the universe was sending me a message for me it was "Here you go ~ you NEED to do this!"  I sent her a message back, feeling stupid at even having requested a favour in the first place, telling her to disregard the last message and sign me up for sure!

Sometimes, you don't just get what you get what you need!  It was funny, I did not even have the normal general anxiety I usually experience going into a new experience with strangers walking into Margaret's beautiful office with the Art still adorning the walls from the previous Art Walk....

I live near the Common and the drummers were in the park yesterday when I went through, drumming and dancing ~ not a care in the world in preparation of the parade.  People are out walking and socializing and generally in good moods.

Along with the drummers, I ran into my friend Cindy, whom I accompanied to the store and then she came over and hung out with Thomas and I while I made some awesome Chicken, onion and pepper wraps for a late dinner.

During our conversation it came up, that one of our new local business ( a women's clothing shop) on North Street was half empty ~ she did not believe me,  (it had only been there for a month maybe six weeks), I told her, at 4:00 there were two things in the window and the racks were empty ~ 11:30 at night we are heading up the four blocks to check it out...surprise ~ now it was even emptier ~ curiouser and curiouser... it will be interesting to see if they moved or just left ~ too bad too as they had some cool clothes and not too expensive either!

My friend Cindy and her husband have a huge aquarium in their living room with what seems like 100 fish in it ~ apparently their fancy guppies reproduce like mad.  This is a good thing for me, as we were thinking about starting an aquarium and now it will be a reality thanks to my friends!  I cannot wait!

All and all it has been an awesome week!  With the fourth of July coming up ~ the parade, the people and the parties it should be a great week to come as well!

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