Friday, June 14, 2013


Happy Friday everyone!  The skies have cleared up and the sun is shining.  My maintenance guy is cutting the grass and my chairs are drying on the deck waiting for me to come outside and enjoy the sunshine before  it once again gone!  Even the squirrel was on the deck walking the rail, I could not tell if it was the one from last year or not.  I promised I would be out in the sunshine whenever possible since it is such an infrequent occurrence, a promise which I intend to keep!

I blew off my usual Friday morning hour wait in line, as I am good for food at the moment, although I will miss seeing the lake with the sunshine on it and the wonderful conversations and the news of the week.  It is all good, however, I will get my deck time in and read some fun material and work on my tan instead before I head out and do my errands away from the house.

I am all ready to begin working on my final New Years Resolution, which I left the most important and most difficult for last with three books to read, some legal forms to order, along with credit reports and I am off to try to salvage what I can of the disastrous effects of the recession and the bait and switch with my mortgage which precipitated the downfall of my credit and my quality of life.

You don't realize when the unexpected happens what the right thing to do was.  In hindsight, I would say, due to the results of my choices, that I would have maintained the credit card accounts instead of trying to pay all of my money to a mortgage for a house that I could not save.   That way I would have just lost my house and not my A++ credit which took me so long to establish as a single parent of three sons!

In this "new world" where money talks and only 1 % have it, with the middle class being poor and the poor being what????  Not thought of ~ screwed in reality.  Believe me, I raised three sons with basic needs and a tight budget easier than I live these days with a roommate and a tight budget.  I can only hope it is not too late to do any good.

In any case, I am sure life will improve once I get through this final hurdle.  I feel confident that I am up for the task more now than ever.  One step at a time.  The only way to make the change is to create the change and I have thought long and hard over what to do to see the light at the end of the tunnel ~ or at least be able to answer my house phone once again!

On a more positive note, (although for me the above is a positive step in the right direction), this afternoon I am attending an opening reception at the Berkshire Museum for "Paperworks :  The Art and Science of an Extraordinary Material" and then off to Lenox for a mystery event!  

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