Friday, June 28, 2013


It's Friday!!!  It really seemed like the weekend has been going on all week!  My house has been full of friends and family randomly visiting and calling me on the phone keeping in touch.  I have been busy between all of the errands out of the house keeping up  with tasks I have let fall a bit behind, my motivation levels have been high with pain levels amazingly low with all of the activity!  I must have found a "balance".

I returned from my early Friday tasks and got right to work simmering a vegetable and meat marinara sauce, taking a bit of a break while that simmers to tackle the meatballs my son requested.  Kitchen is clean, laundry is finished ~ just a few small tasks (and mopping the floors) and everything will be ship shape.

I have been hoping for rain in order to motivate to mop the floors.  Ever since I set that precedence it has refused to rain ~ I have, however been keeping my promise to enjoy the sunshine while it is out so that I am not regretting the summer passing me by!

I have even been remembering to take my camera with me and using it ~ always a good thing!  I am so happy that we are getting rain this year ~ enough to make the flowers grow!  I have already seen black eyed susans which are my favourite flower ~ ready to pick when I am not feeling lazy on my next walk!

I took these today at my friend Mike's house!  The yellow ones were not out the other day, they and the red ones were just starting to bloom!
No exciting plans as of yet for the weekend.  You know me though ~ things just sort of happen spontaneously here!  Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you may be doing!


  1. Winter is for housework! Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Housework never goes away. Forget about it. It will be there when the spirit moves you. Don't waste a good day, made for living, not for cleaning. Love your posts.