Monday, June 17, 2013


This weekend has been one heck of a weekend!  I can honestly say that I had the most fun that a person can have with their clothes on beginning on Friday where my adventure began at the Berkshire Museum with the Paper Sculpture display.  You could not begin to imagine all of the incredible things which can be done with paper, from the smallest and most intricate delicate details, to a boat made completely out of paper and shellac which was functional as well.  I braved the sushi and even opted for some with fish in it as opposed to just the vegetable ones stepping out of my comfort zone a bit!

From the Museum and it's great turnout of a wonderful show, we headed to Lenox for the car show.  Whiskey City was on stage performing their Country Rock tunes and the street was shut off and there were many amazing cars, along with my new favourite Jaguar X from the 1930's which, idiot that I am, did not take any pictures of, as a matter of fact the only pictures I took that night were of a huge thundercloud which threatened upon the evening, but which thankfully waited til we were safely under Sonya's porch covering when it hit!

Wonderful new acquaintances were made, great conversations over a glass of wine and an adventure was planned for the next day...

Saturday arrived, after sleeping like I haven't slept in quite some time, I stopped by the Downtown Farmer's Market and chatted with a few friends before heading over to the Athenaeum to meet my ride for our day of exploration.

Three of us went off to sleuth a report of an energy field at a local resort where guests and staff do not want to walk through a particular area, as they picked up a "negative" energy.  One out of three of us had prior experiences with negative energy, and I was along for the ride.  However, at a certain place our sensitive person felt something, and I must admit that I as well felt a little funny pressure in my head in two areas.  A phone call to the source of the information confirmed that we had been in the correct area to pick up said energy, so I was pleasantly amazed that I am somewhat sensitive to that sort of thing.

Our party split, and it was time once again to explore.  Our travels took us through Stockbridge where we stopped on what looked like a causeway in the middle of a lake, but what was in fact the golf course.  The rain of the past few days/weeks; had totally flooded the area on both sides of the road.  We got out and explored, walking up the river to see it more swollen and fast than I recall ever seeing it in my life.

On our way back to the car, we spotted a snapping turtle who swam away from the noises we were making in complete amazement over spotting this creature swimming gracefully in the clear water either lost or enjoying the slower paces of the current.

Our journey was not over then, we headed to South Lee to a wonderful church which has been converted into an art Gallery.  The curator was very nice and I was happily surprised to find a display by Scott Taylor (one of my favorites) along with a few other artists whose works I easily recognized, along with a few new ones to add to the memory banks for future reference!  My friend submitted a couple of pieces to the gallery and we were off.

We took a ride up to Oak and Spruce because we were there and then headed over to Cranwell Resort for a bite to eat at Sloanes.  The wild boar burger and Oriental Salad was delicious after a day of exploring the wonders of the Berkshires, the staff was friendly and the service was great!

My day was far from over, as I was scheduled to volunteer in the Lounge at the Barrington Stage for the production of  "On The Town".  What an amazingly energetic and fun musical!  The singing, dancing and comedy were in fine balance and the house was packed!  I was a bit nervous before I arrived, as it had been  over a year since I had worked in the lounge, but the wonderful staff was awesome and the intermission was a breeze!

I walked home after the play feeling like I had a complete day.  My head hit the pillow and I was out like a light again!  When the phone rang Sunday morning for our third adventure, I had just woken up (later and more rested than usual, I might add!)  More fun was planned for the day a couple of hours later, which gave me time to enjoy my morning before heading out again with this fun crew of people!

First stop Sunday was at the Pittsfield Country Club to speak with the gold pro.  One of my friends had discovered via metal detecting, a Caddy Pin of a A caddy, and he was trying to gather the year(s) this pin may have been from.  Of course, the oldest member had just left, but the pro took a picture of it in order to try to help out in our quest.

We picked up our other party to our group, switched cars and headed to Great Barrington to check out the beautiful River Walk that was put in.  It was very nice and tranquil along the path, with the very fast and swollen river to our left.  You could tell the water was trying to recede and had dropped a foot and a half with probably six feet left to go before it returns to normal.

Walking back to the car, we conversed with a wonderfully friendly woman who was gardening about some local development across the street in one of the schools and since we were on Main Street and I had not been in Great Barrington in 15 years or more, I was brought into one of the best Candy/Ice Cream Stores, which had just about everything under the sun and then some!!!  I do not know how I had the willpower to not walk out of there with bags of goodies!

For our next leg of our journey, we were off to hike to a place where there are usually a bunch of young adventurers rock climbing these huge and beastly rocks.  We were the only ones who braved the muddy and partially flooded trails.  The rocks were very large and I was not the person to scale them, but I did find one which I was able to launch myself  onto with the help of a sturdy tree growing beside it!

It was getting later, so we headed back to Main Street Great Barrington to fuel up on some delicious burgers and salad at the Diner.  Lunch was amazing, but nothing topped the Triple Layer Chocolate Stout Cake which was so big and rich that the three of us could not even finish!

One of our group got called in to do a massage at  a local spa so we took a brief ride before heading back to Lenox where our party broke up and we headed back home.  After catching up with my youngest son for a few minutes and making plans with my middle son to come over an hour or so later, I had a minute to have a cup of tea and reflect on my weekend, which was truly amazing!

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