Sunday, June 30, 2013


This last Sunday of June has been a quiet one to be sure.  I wandered out of the house and took a stroll through the park, happy to see and hear all of the children playing in the playground with their parents, the boys playing basketball and the girls sitting on the bench watching.

The sky was threatening that rain that I have been waiting for, but I did not feel compelled to hurry, it was very humid, with less of a breeze to stir up the air.  I was leery of the impending rain, however I was not worried about it.

I did my shopping, and had a rather interesting conversation on the street, with two book suggestions.  I would have been at the library already but it is closed on Sunday.  Tomorrow is another day, and I am going by there as it turns out, so it will fit right in.

A little side note on Friday and taking time off from responsibilities....
 I totally forgot it was Friday although I did all of my Friday morning rituals and routines.  Somehow, it slipped my mind.  When I returned from my mountain adventure, my main concern was meatballs, not thought still that it was Friday...however, at 8:33 that evening I remembered ~ when my son asked me if I went to the pharmacy ~ too late to go to the pharmacy!!!

 Note to self...when playing hooky go over the checklist of the major things which cannot wait another day.  We survived, and the next morning when I phoned for the prescription and explained my dilemma, the girl filled them right away ~ I did not even have to wait the usual hour ~ but it took me longer than that to get ready for the day!

I am waiting for a chicken to finish roasting so that we can eat before our Sunday evening True Blood ritual.  This month has flown by and in the U.S. we are preparing for the Fourth of July to celebrate our Independence.

I am looking forward to the parade.  It is also a year since I gained my Independence so to speak, and when I learned to listen to that little voice in my head.  More about that another time however ~ my beeper is beeping and I am hungry!

Goodbye June ~ you sure went by quickly!  I hope that July takes its time a bit and last longer than June did!  I do look forward yet again to First Friday Artwalk this week as well ~ parade, fireworks and Art!!!  Great week ahead!


  1. Great read ~ seems like sping has just begun ~ what happened to the last Saturday?

  2. you seem to be doing really good...glad to hear that....don't ever change for any one but yourself hang in there girl....

  3. Love your take on life. We should all be so positive. If you get a chance, check out my Cousin Gerard's paintings at Steve Velenti's. He is really great on Berkshire landscapes. Some I am sure you will recognize.