Sunday, June 2, 2013


What a wonderful day yesterday turned out to be!  I must say however, that while the one toy store on North Street is amazing ~ had some very cool toys and fun things to do in there and was less commercially geared with the "popular" toys, it left me needing to explore the rest of the street to get some ideas before I made a decision.

I had phoned my son, just in case I was unable to find the perfect gift, for a ride to the mall ( I prefer to shop locally at every possible turn however).  And he was open for that if necessary, hating the mall as much as I do!

I am glad that I continued down the street investigating each and every shop which had children's things in it! Even checking out Family Dollar, thinking it had some toys and children's pool things, but sadly, their inventory was lacking, and if I needed a doll which was of color, that was about all I was getting there!

I back tracked to one of the consignment shops where there were many cool clothes and baby gifts, yet, on the shelf there were three jewelry music boxes ~ two out of three of them I could work with, so after my adventure of checking out every possible option available to me ( and having phoned my son to find out if my granddaughter had pierced ears or not), I went as far away from "toy" as one could go.

Many years ago, before the recession, when my situation was vastly different, I had purchased a tanzanite ring, necklace and earrings for my first granddaughter.  I did not have a grandchild at that time, but it has always been my hope that someday, I would.

Since I do now have a granddaughter, and I think six is the perfect age to value things, I decided to go with the pretty heart shaped jewelry box covered with flowers and when you open it the drawer slides out and a ballerina pops up and does her little dance and the necklace for starters.

The jewelry box fits in with the present I got her last year for Christmas where I took one of my favourite heart shaped metal boxes covered with flowers and filled them up with those "helicopters" my granddaughter loves so much so she could have some fun in the middle of winter (which my sons thought was ridiculous, but which I thought, and rightly so that it was a perfect gift for this particular child!)  Once she used up the helicopters, she still had a wonderful box to put treasures in!

I am a huge believer in family traditions and passing things from generation to generation, taking care of my family antiques which were handed down to me, to pass on to my children who even at their ages don't "get it".  

They look at antique furniture and such as just heavy stuff for them to move whenever I choose to move. Although, more than one of my sons is always claiming this or that off of my walls ~ which I assure them they can all fight over when I am dead and gone, but until that time, they can enjoy whatever it is they like while they are here!

So the present is set, and except for presentation, the next two years will be as well.  She doesn't change her earrings yet, and rings are so easy to lose so I figure she will grow into the set eventually! Then she will be a princess with a matching set of jewelry.

Thomas had a polished rock heart and another polished stone to add to it as well, so I think she will be happy all the way around!  Pat, had too much fun in the toy store, I could tell when he came over and discussed his shopping adventure and what toys he procured.  

Our little princess brightens all of our lives in such a great way...maybe someday my other self proclaimed bachelors will settle down and grace my life with another bundle of love and joy as well ( I can only hope and pray!)

I got to see my middle son twice yesterday as well, for quite a while each time, which is a great joy to me!  All and all I will see all three of my sons, my granddaughter and my daughter in law and her wonderful family all in the same weekend which makes me happier than one person has a right to be!  I am truly blessed this weekend!  Birthday cake on top of that ~ I am assured to have a great day!

I am off to wrap up our gifts and get ready for the festivities to begin!  Looking forward to this wonderful pool party, perfect event considering all of this humidity!  

Have a great day and thank you for reading!


  1. ((Test one two three ... ))
    You have an amazing family unit. You should be proud, Mama!! All that's missing from your day is ... PEDRIN's, hehe!! All that is missing from mine is ... you!! (Okay, and maybe that pool you mentioned!?)
    Have a relaxing and rejuvenating day, my friend!
    Great read ... keep it up!!
    ~ lisa

  2. I so enjoy reading your Blog. Wish I had half of your talent. I am so proud to be able to say you are part of my family. Wish I had known you while you were growing up. Your family sounds wonderful. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.