Monday, June 3, 2013


Yesterday I left you, excited for the day and my grand~daughters 6th birthday Pool Party.  My son and his wife and my grand~daughter arrived fifteen minutes early and my youngest son and I were ready to go and excited as well.

Big hugs and smiles and Ainsley got to open up her present from us during the car ride, before the party, which I was secretly hoping for, my present, so to speak.  She unwrapped the gift box, and pulled the present through the tissue it was wrapped in.

Similar, I noticed, to the way my boys always used to try to pull something from the back of the fridge through whatever objects might be in there way, seemingly invisible, and  taken aback always by the crash when something fell, it always used to amuse me and make me smile each time it occurred, never heeding my mothering every time I commented on objects not being able to pass through other solid objects!

She opened up the music box and the ballerina played, I showed her how to wind it up in the back, she liked the necklace and the polished stones too as well and my oldest son said he used to collect stones when he was a kid, she showed her Mom the necklace and we tucked it in  the box safely so the chain wouldn't tangle, and arrived at our destination.

We unloaded the car and brought everything inside.  It was a very warm day and one of the windows was opened and thankfully they had a fan in the room.  Lisa and Jeff put the tablecloth down and worked together setting up the cake table and the gift bags full of candy, leaving out the extras on the table for the adults (I am a huge fan of banana laffy taffy, so I was happy)!

We all helped getting the room ready setting up the table cloths, even Ainsley gave a hand and Tom and I got some fun time with Ainsley before guests began to arrive.  It was a large group of people!  It was my first Ainsley birthday party, now an official gramma, and in the past choosing to let my Mother, whom my son lived with have that pleasure, not wanting to ruin any one's day, especially Ainsleys!

How could we refuse a hand delivered homemade party invitation?  I just sucked it up and faced my fears and even tried to encourage conversation with someone who refuses to talk to me.  My son, however pointed out that she did respond to one question I asked, which it true.

I was amazed at the number of guests, children and adults alike, mostly all family more little girls than little boys.  When all the children had arrived we went down to the pool area, the kids changing.  Some of the guys opted for some basketball in the gym instead of the pool.

I opted for taking pictures and have a bunch of shots to commemorate the day.  The above picture is of the cake.  I love that the cake says "Be Unique, Be Yourself".  I was encouraged to be an individual, by my stepfather Joe, and I encouraged my children to be the same, however, I left out the criticism and disowning part and utilized the love and caring instead.

It is encouraging to me to see my son, a parent, a husband, my daughter in law as well, so organized, caring, firm, yet warm and loving working together to do the same with this sweet young girl!  My children do not realize how much I worked to instill these things into their lives, whereas many parents did not.

While they complained they didn't get spaghetti O's and cold cereal, had real homemade dinners and home baked snacks instead of junk every night after working an eight hour day no matter what with two veggies and a potato or starch and a roast or chicken ~ hot dogs and hamburgers being "summertime" fare.  They had someone that cared to take the time and love and patience who encouraged creativity, imagination, values, manners and morals.

I got more than the treat of taffy yesterday to be sure.  Affirmation that regardless of all of the bumps along the way, in the end, the lessons and hard work, sacrifices and examples paid off.  To see them, as grown men, kind, loving, caring and hardworking.  I am prouder than they will ever know or allow me to tell them.  They are fine young men.

We had cake and ice cream singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out candles.  It was fun and refreshing after the heat of the day.  I really enjoyed watching everyone and the babble of conversation and laughter combined was delightful!

After cake, Ms. Ainsley took a chair next to the present table and her young guests gathered at her feet as she read the name before she opened the gifts, it was so cute to watch her read the names and open gift bags,  a bucket of presents filled with glittery girl loot, opening boxes full of cute little clothes, the cards with the money, which she handed to her Mom, exclaiming the amount of each bill.

Her ultimate favorite gift had to be a Cabelos stuffed black lab, which my Uncle Matt gave her with a little red wallet with a change and bill side.  He rode all the way home with her in his arms, putting it down briefly to open up the jewelry box and check out the necklace and have a closer look at the polished stones that Tom had given her.

We rode home, got hugs and sadly had to end the day.  I love my life!!!  There is nothing that makes me happier besides time with my family!!!!

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