Friday, June 28, 2013


I put the housework aside, left the sauce simmering with orders for Thomas to stir the sauce and I left on an adventure, taking the advice of more than one of my readers.

I found myself once again on the mountain top, only, they had installed a new picnic table on a large rock in the middle of the field.  It did not look accessible from where we parked so we hiked up the hill, walked through the small path of greens and shrubs and a few flowers, sat down and enjoyed the view with a cloud which could be threatening overhead.

We opted for testing our luck even after a few sprinkles fell, but were hardly felt, so warm and strong was the sun.  Eventually the cloud won and we retreated down a path toward the car, which was not visible below.

Unsteadily we made our way down the narrow mountain path, short as it was, it was not the easiest to maneuver with the rain, the water, the rocks and the dirt quickly turning to mud.  However, when we got to the last 10 feet, it was a maneuver which required two hands and skill and the use of a tree to make it safely down the steep slope!

I went first.  My right shoe ~ which was on my lead foot ~ slipped out from under my foot giving me a slightly greater challenge than I would otherwise have had!  I gracefully landed on two feet giving myself at least a 9 considering the mud and the shoes, and I emptied my hands and took the jug of water from my friend, so that he could be less burdened as he descended the slope ~ much sloppier now that the rain was falling more steady!

Finally, all four of our feet were safely on the ground.  We were perhaps 20 feet from the car parked in the area with the birch trees from previous ventures I have written about on the mountain.  Now the field in front of the trees was covered with daisies and other such wild flowers with purple and white clover mixed in!!!

The rain, of course stopped before we made it the twenty feet to the car, we probably could have just sat it out at the picnic table.  No problem there.  I am a girl who cannot pass an abundant field of wildflowers without selfishly picking some.

Not being selfish or greedy, I made a small bouquet of the 5 flowers available.  I of course left the house with out my camera as I left it next to the computer when I downloaded the last flower pictures earlier today and it totally slipped my mind to grab it!!!!!

This is, of course before doing the meatballs.  I arrived home, with meatballs on my mind, noticing the sauce had not been stirred ~ which sort of surprised me, considering he had gotten away from the computer long enough to phone me while I was gone.

First thing is first, however, and that was getting the flowers out of the cup of water and into a proper vase.  I was thinking short but wider mouth, but of course I could not find one so I used my favourite purple vase my brother got me while he was out of the country one time.

Flowers done, I set to chopping and preheating and mixing and shaping and steeping a cup of tea after the mad rush of kitchen work.  During the previous 28 minutes I walked away from the computer, removed the 16 meatballs from the oven, put them in the sauce, put a new tea in the microwave,

I also grabbed the camera, realized the batteries died when it did not shut off as it normally does, replaced the dead batteries, took 12 flower pictures in the vase at various angles, download the pictures, previewed them, chose two, tried to figure out how to put them on my desktop and uploaded the one I could find into this blog and wrote two out of four of these paragraphs!!

I am enjoying the second tea as the meatballs are marinating in the sauce before I put on the water for spaghetti ~ and I also checked the mail!  I do love multitasking!  The rain was not significant enough for me to feel guilty about enjoying the afternoon away from home for a couple of hours!

Dinner will be a little later, but we eat when we are hungry or when the food is done ~ whichever comes first so no biggie really!  I had to write another blog, as you ladies were firm in your comments ~ which I read when I arrived back home and I would have you know made me smile even more than I was!  Thank you!

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