Monday, December 30, 2013


I actually succeeded in falling asleep earlier than I have been doing last night.  I am thankful for the sleep, but not for the stomach turbulence this morning.  Since I have barely been out of the house for weeks I am thinking I must have picked it up from my son who was sick a couple of weeks ago.

Feeling like crap on this lovely Monday.  Last one of the New Year!  It is a day off from Doctor's today as well.  I had been planning on going with my son to the lab.  When I woke him up he informed me he was getting a ride from his brother.  A bonus for me, now I may be able to lay down and rest for a while and with luck this will pass.

I am looking forward to another year.  A clean slate and new resolutions.  Truth be told, last year I made a few.  I normally don't ~ I mean why set yourself up for defeat?  I did manage all but the "Big" one.  Filing the bankruptcy.

At this point I am down to what a year and a half to wait.  Still too long to not answer my phone and restore my credit anyway I can.  No biggie.  I am not beating myself up for it.  I did pay the long overdue excise tax which I hadn't calculated into the mix so I am calling that a win.

When I feel a little better I need to go and get my license.  Next step towards freedom and mobility.  After having to stop and rest because my legs and back were screaming at me four times yesterday during my 20 minute outing I think transportation is getting to be a necessity.

I am tired of walking distances and carrying groceries.  I am too old.  My body is too broken for that crap.  I am tired of kidding myself that I am alright and possibly damaging my discs anymore and having to get more surgery.

I missed a call from my eldest son yesterday while I was napping.  He didn't leave a message so I didn't know until I noticed the number had gone up on the caller I.D.  I hope I didn't miss an opportunity to spend the day with my granddaughter today!

They are all working so I have to wait and find out what is/was up.  Probably better if they needed help today that I didn't answer considering how I am feeling.  I would hate to get the munchkin sick as well.  No one needs to feel bad during school vacation!

I am headed to lay down and check out one of my new books if I can focus.  I hope it takes me to another world like the last book did.  I sure could use the distraction!  I will let you know if it does the trick.  Until next time ~ keep warm, well and safe and don't forget to share a smile!

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