Thursday, December 19, 2013


Building a tree
Lights!  (I was a little tipsy)

I got kidnapped last night for a bit and hung out with my old friend and a few new friends out of my house which was nice for an unexpected three hour pre birthday celebration.  The wine flowed and the stories and memories were shared and all and all I had a wonderful time.

My son called me three times ~ hungry and wondering where the hell I was.  I told him to go ahead and cook his dinner and I would take care of mine when I got home on the second call ~ he offered to cook for me as well, but I told him I would manage when I arrived.

Call three came and my girlfriend was at my house.  I had made plans with her earlier in the afternoon to get together after work.  I told her to make a tea and get on my computer and I would be home soon the party was breaking up where I was.

I arrived home to get teased by my youngest son and my friend for floating a couple of feet off the ground ~ I didn't think it was obvious ~ when I looked, my feet were touching the ground ~ but as I floated there, smiling and laughing at their teasing it did not seem so.

We uncorked another bottle of wine and shared a couple of glasses.  After a while my son was eager to rejoin his friends on the computer but I reminded him we had a project to do and I figured it would be a good time to solicit his help to bring the tree up from the basement.

I had looked at it earlier and decided it was a two person job.  You know how guys are though, he had it ~ I followed behind picking up the branches which fell out on the way up the narrow stairs, through the door and across the house.  I was surprised to learn that even fake trees lose their needles ~ as there was a trail of them everywhere this morning.  Another reason to be happy that I was behind on my housecleaning!

The tree made it in a few pieces into the living room.  It was a mess so I set to work removing the lights that were on it when I received it.  Figured it would be easier to reconstruct it and then put the lights back on.  My friend was on my computer and Tom was on his so I figured I could keep with my goal of at least getting it up and lit before my birthday.

I usually wait to do anything Christmas related until after my birthday, which falls 5 days before Christmas.  I always got robbed by the holiday so it is just something I do to keep the two separate these days.  Not that it is really a special day anymore ~ as we get older they tend to be just another day.

It took me a while to bend branches and do the lights but when I called the critics out Cindy said it looked like a real tree ~ bless her soul!  Tom like it as well.  We celebrated with another glass of wine.  I still hadn't eaten dinner so I was buzzed off the wine for sure!

Cindy had to go ~ her hubby was getting out of work soon and it was later than we all realized.  In my condition and with my task at hand, time really did pass quickly!  When she left I was grateful for the mac and cheese I made the other day and I heated that up and got busy doing my games and my dailys ~ feeding dogs, fighting dragons and trying to win another solitaire tournament to qualify for the week.

It was way too late to write ~ it was almost 2 a.m. when I finally decided I had had enough and Tom and I went up to watch a show together before I passed out in front of the t.v.  I couldn't even tell you what we watched!

Morning came and I decided it was way too early when the sunlight hit me in the face.  The original 3:10 to Yuma was coming on.  I really wanted to see it but alas, my eyes couldn't handle it ~ I woke up when it was over and decided I really needed to get up.

I thought 10 was late ~ we were nearing 11 when I stumbled downstairs ~ assessed the damage from the night before ~ panicked about the time ~ or loss of time, more accurately.  I booted up the computer, lit a smoke and made a tea and  took stock of what I had to do today.

The sun was amazingly bright and warm ~ snow melting and dripping.  I knew it was the wrong day to sleep in.  I did my morning daily's and hopped in the shower after two cups of tea really did not do the trick and motivated myself right out the door.

I was determined to do some food shopping for dinner and hit the bank for some much needed cash. Luckily the two are across the street from each other so I donned my waterproof boots to navigate the puddles and mess of the day and headed out into the world.

I saw Cindy coming through the park after her lunch session at the restaurant and made plans to get together with her after my adventure to the market and headed off into the world.  The weather gods seem to be shining down on me today!

The sun and the temperature was just right.  Blue skies (no rainbows)!  Just right in my estimation!  I could live with this for the rest of winter and joy of joys ~ it is going to get nicer over the next couple of days! How did I get so lucky??

I over shopped as always ~ my load was extremely heavy.  I finally found Tom a large container of lemonade so I don't have to buy it every two days.  It was worth it in the long run despite having to stop 5 times to readjust and rest!

I met Cindy's hubby coming through the park.  The park is a funny place, sometimes it is totally empty and sometimes you see who you want to see coming through.  We walked together and I was grateful for his company as we walked by my exes house and he was outside, thankfully with nothing to say since I had a witness with me.

The last block was a killer!  My arms were ready to fall off as I scaled a small pond at the intersection before my street.  I was never more happy to be home in my life that I can remember as I unloaded the bags and removed my boots before going inside.  A tea was indeed needed after that adventure in grocery shopping!

For some reason I have been craving some fried chicken and tonight is the night.  Thanks to Franya for the large container of oil from the party I am set now!  My stomach is growling just thinking about dinner and I can't wait for dinner.

I do not know how I am even typing as my arms are completely numb right now from the shoulders down!  I think I have more than made up for sleeping in as far as productivity goes for now.  I am off to work on a present for my granddaughter which I hope to have completed over the next five days.  Wish me luck on that one ~ no procrastination allowed on this one!

I totally have a procrastination problem.  I may have learned my lesson this week with that however.  I had quite the experience the other day, which I will share with you before I go.  The funny thing is ~ it should have gone smooth but nope!

As you know, my birthday is tomorrow.  My driver's license expires and I had some outstanding excise tax to pay in order not to have my license go into suspension and then there would be trouble for me.  The bill was generated from a very small town which I no longer live in a few years ago.

I had done the research a few months ago to find out what I owed which took a couple of hours on the computer and on the phone.  I was good.  I had a balance and a website to pay it on.  I had the money as well.  Did I pay it then?  NO!

Tuesday I decided to work on it before the big day Friday.  I found my notes, typed in the address and what did I get ~ some Chinese website and an error.  FML!!!  Two more hours later after getting yelled at by a couple of town clerks and another two wonderful women trying to help me out I finally found it accidentally

I had everything I needed, I thought.  I submit my information and get the page up and they slam me with an unexpected $8.00 charge.  That meant I had to walk to the bank and take the cash I had to put into a different account to make up the difference.

The day was bad.  The weather, my attitude everything!  I was so done with the day  before it even began.  You can be sure I was not smiling as I walked in the frigid cold to the bank ~ leaving the web page up so I wouldn't have to go through all that crap all over again when I returned home.

I was a Popsicle when I returned home and the payment went easily enough, despite the drama earlier.  I was pleased and done!!  Now the only thing left to do since I need a new picture is print out the receipt and go to the registry.

Despite not having a car ~ part of me not being in my right mind ~ thinking I could survive without a car when I have had a car always for 35 years ~ definitely a sign of how messed up I was after letting my house go and transitioning into my new life of living without necessities.

Perhaps realizing what a stupid move that was is a sign of recovery???  Not sure about that one yet, the jury is still out.  I do not want to let my ability to drive legally lapse that is for sure.  I may not have completed my major resolution of filing for bankruptcy last year as my New Years Resolution but I was not about to add more trouble in my life!  Problem solving is the goal, not problem creating.

So, if you are a procrastinator, take my advice ~ learn how to modify that behaviour!  Take it from me, I am a professional.

Bulb 12-19-2014

I had to share a picture of Ainsley and my bulb.  We are shooting for Christmas flowers and I hope it holds out to be blooming for the holiday!  One of them is beginning to open and I am so excited!  So much fun having a kid who shares my love of science and art!!!

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