Monday, December 23, 2013


After my bout of "Bah Humbug" upon learning that my eldest son and his family would not be coming to Christmas Dinner at my house (something I have been told I must have made up in my head when I know that at Thanksgiving it was on), my sadness turned to understanding after hearing that my daughter in law just wants to stay home and cook.

Fine with me.  She works hard, I don't blame her.  After all, I am the queen of pajama days myself, how can I begrudge anyone that same luxury?  They brought me my granddaughter and we had another sleepover and I got to babysit during work hours ~ supposed to be until 3:00 and we were dressed when my son arrived a whole hour early!

I am totally over it.  The thing with me is, whether mad, sad, angry or disappointed ~ once I vent/rationalize the situation out I am over it ~ water under the bridge, over the dam or what have you.  We waited for dinner and played.

It was difficult for Ains to keep her fingers off the giant peanut butter cup I got for my birthday which I had told her I would save and share with her.  Only problem is ~ that is what she wanted regardless of dinner.  I knew she would never eat dinner if we had it first.

She tried to blackmail me and I bounced it back on her when she would not come to the table and eat.  She had a pout ~ I had a pout and my son of course just said "Girls!"  We worked it out and she soon came to the table to eat some food ~ Tom had scooted by then so we had to call him down for his share of the peanut butter cup for dessert.

We did some work on the tree.  No camera, no pictures which totally stinks!  I really was getting used to having a camera, although I seemed never to have it when I really needed it.  Bummer!  Our Christmas bulb is really opening up as well with two flowers opened on one stem out of four and the other one looking like it should begin to drop and open as well in another day or two.  Our timing seems to be perfect with the bulb.

After dinner we got into our p.j.'s ~ made popcorn and watched the Polar Express.  I had only seen it once years ago when it came out and I really enjoyed it, along with the popcorn.  After the movie we retired upstairs to watch a cartoon I had never seen before, but one which my son and I will be looking for again in the future.

Morning came quicker than I would have liked.  She was awake before first light.  We headed downstairs to use the bathroom and say goodnight to Tom ~ who was still awake at that god awful hour.  I went back upstairs and she followed a short while later after giving Tom a hug.

I napped and she cartooned as I prayed for my sciatic nerve to stop what it was doing to my left leg. Grateful that I could at least stand and walk, whereas in the past I have had to crawl to the top of the stairs and slide down the stairs just to make it to the first floor.

She was more than ready to begin the day when I finally got up at 8a.m.  She was eager to get her hands in the dough for fried dough and confectioners sugar.  I had to stall citing safety reasons ~ needed to be more awake to work with hot oil ~ made a tea and joined a snoring Thomas in the living room to admire the tree in the morning after our hard work.

We washed our hands and started making dough for breakfast.  It was yummy.  Who needs a carnival to enjoy dough?  Not us!  We love it!  After that she timidly asked if we could do some art.  Wanting to do some more timed pastel works.  I agreed, naturally.

I took a detour during drawing to seek out some completed crafts I had done a few years ago ~ finding ceramic Christmas decorations which I painted but which I feel need to be touched up a bit.  That is the trouble with being a perfectionist ~ even when a project is done I am not happy with it ~ I should be selling this stuff.  I hit pay dirt!  Finding so many cute things ~ Santa's and snowmen, snowflakes and sleds ~ I could decorate a couple of trees (if quality control would pass them!)

I found leftover sand for sand art during my search so we put away the pastels and did some sand art.  I have been lugging it around for at least 13 years when my son had to have it when he was 10!  We each made two things and had a great time creating together.

I also collect tea pots and last night she asked if we could have a tea party.  I have only been to one tea party and that was with my own Gram many years ago and she made snacks with peanut butter toast and bacon.  I had no bacon so we did peanut butter toast and toast with cinnamon and sugar and used one of my pretty pots ~ the one she picked, along with the pretty porcelain teacups and saucers.

It was most excellent ~ as always to spend time and interact with my granddaughter.  I am so blessed with this little girl in my life.  I forgot just how tiring it is to give 150 % of your time to a child.  I am exhausted!!!

Heading out to pick up Christmas dinner in a bit and do some other food shopping as well.  I still have a bit of work to do on my major craft project for my granddaughter, but I still have a day to get it done and I am sure it will be done by Wednesday.  It might be the last present wrapped but that is okay!

I am glad I have a day to rest.  I can finish her present while laying in bed or watching t.v. so it is all good and it will prevent me from smoking since I need both hands free to do this project.  If I get motivated I have one more task besides a quick vacuum to do to be ready for the holiday and three gifts to wrap for my granddaughter.

The boys may understand about celebrating with a meal and no gifts but I am sure my 7 year old granddaughter would not get it one bit!  I have to run ~ my ride will be here soon and I need to be ready to go.  I hope you get through your bah humbug blues as quickly as I did ~ or miss them altogether!  Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for reading!

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