Thursday, December 12, 2013


I found a toy of my childrens that we all enjoyed playing while I was cleaning and digging out decorations.  I also had batteries so I decided to take a turn with the Bopit Extreme 2.  It has a few game settings but I am playing solo.

It is a handheld game ~ fairly big and gets a bit heavy after a while.  You begin after selection of your game choice and it calls out one of five selections with a short amount of time to twist, flick, pull, spin or bopit.   You continue until you are too slow or make a mistake.

It has a date mark of 2002 on it, so that is telling you how far back that game goes.  I do not even know if they still make it anymore but it had given my family a lot of fun and enjoyment.  Excellent source of quality family time and fun competitively.

I have been home alone and practicing before the boys find out I have the game and batteries.  I know they will have a reaction to it.  We all used to be good and it is one of the sources of good competition we all seem to have a healthy streak of that running through us.

When I first found it I was lucky to figure out how to make a selection and get more than a 5.  I got excited when I hit double digits and then last night I broke 90 and today I achieved a 95.  Not a bad way to take a break and enhance my listening skills and hand, eye coordination.

I highly recommend this game for hours (and years) of family fun!  They have changed the newer models design more sleek and colourful ~ and also have a jack for headphones for noise sensitive locations.  They are available at KMart and Amazon for around $25.  (I had to check and see if they even were in existence anymore!)

Ages 8 and up ~ but I think a 6 year old would have fun with it as well ~ I will let you know after this weekend when my granddaughter visits!

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