Tuesday, December 10, 2013


What a great day it has been!  I woke up to one of my favourite Bette Davis movies ~ "Dark Victory".  As I watched the last hour of the movie I was really struck yet again by how much I love the end even though it is so sad.

I hopped out of bed and made my tea and got the all clear from the huge scan I did last night ~ no virus's or problems with the computer ~ yeah!   I did my daily routine ~ fed the dogs, and dragons.  The tea was good and went down quick enough to want another one right away.

I surveyed my day and my living room ~ rolled the stereo and speakers to a new and better location for the holiday season and opted out of moving the t.v. and the couches around.  I grabbed the six extra milk crates from my living room and brought them to the basement in exchange for a wonderful box of Christmas lights to check out.

I made a tea and tested the neatly packed (can you believe it?) bundles of lights finding 4 totally intact and working lights with a brand new bundle of lights under the whole pile.  I am loving the person who put these holiday lights away!

I made it simple today.  Did some laundry and messed around with all the little things I had been thinking about over the past few days.  It was snowing nicely and I was very happy today to be sure!  I love snow and I wasn't planning on leaving the house anyway!

That changed pretty quickly when my girlfriend called to remind me about the food pick up at the church this afternoon.  I jumped in the shower and made some lunch and got ready to depart to meet her at her house a block away.

They were having a little holiday tag sale for the patrons of the food pantry.  My love of Christmas decorations and stuff in general led me to the vestibule which had just about anything you could imagine from games, toys, puzzles and decorations.  I even found a small Christmas tree for my project over the winter!

I picked up a couple of odds and ends I thought might come in handy this season and grabbed some bread and apples, eggs and cheese and juice.  My son will be so happy to have some real orange juice for a change!

I had a great time chatting with the volunteers.  A few of whom I have known from working at the church and a few more that I have just seen at the church and out and about in the world.  It was great fun sipping tea in the dining room and enjoying a place where I spent many hours a week and have tons of memories of!

My girlfriend and I scooted off through the park and she deposited her things at her house and came down for a math book.  Her husband is doing the Math G.E.D. and I hope the book will help him.  He is challenged by English so some things do get lost in translation!

We had some tea and she took over Tom's computer this time instead of mine ~ one of the breaks ~ I let her use mine and suffered through his yesterday ~ she types one letter at  a time so it is less of a challenge for her.

We experimented with some sweet potato french fries versus chips and some regular homemade potato chips and remembered too late that she needed to go to Family Dollar so we grabbed our shoes and made our way to the store.

It was a wee bit chilly and slippery, but not too bad.  It only got cold when you stopped to wait for the cars in order to cross the streets but not too bad otherwise!  I left her at her corner and headed down to my house ~ forgetting to check the dining room lights from outside on my way in!

I did finally have to change out a string of lights in the living room as well, since half of one string went, not surprising since they have been up for a year and my most regularly used lights in the living room ~ unless my middle son is over because he likes bright and glaring lights!

My dining room is once again the dump site.  It is only temporary.  That is the fun of the holiday.  Shifting and moving and organizing ~the chaos and then the beauty.  How can you not be happy and jolly this time of year?

I may hold off on the tree until this weekend.  I need to look into re-securing a couple of those branches that got broken off in the transport ~ technical troubleshooting ~ right up my alley.  A job for tomorrow ~ to assess and complete if I have what I need to do the job on hand.

My boys just called as I was writing ~ then as I sat resumed writing there was a knock at the door and Cindy was here bearing gifts ~ a nice treat to go with another cup of tea ~ some delicious orange walnut bread and a box of Christmas Cards.

I still have Christmas Cards addressed and never mailed from the 1980's.  I am not really good about them. I much prefer to hand deliver a card attached to a plate of homemade cookies I made with love to my friends and loved ones.

I am finally back.  Loving the unexpected day that I had.  It was nice not to have to take any more of that medication, although I am still feeling some residue ~ nothing too serious in comparison of the past week.  It seems that this day has a certain kind of flow to it.

I sent out an email to a few special friends and each one responded positively and in a timely manner and my sweater that got misplaced has been found!!!!  I mean could this day really get any better?  From the moment I awoke to the present moment ~ one hour left in this day and unless a meteorite drops I have made it through a perfect for me kinda day!

Simple pleasures is what life is all about for me.  I think that is what makes me the most me.  Since I love everything from a bright sunny day to a bunch of falling snow, flowers, children, animals, art, colours, music ~ instrumental and or natural ~ a beautiful sky day or night ~ just about anything can be construed as a simple pleasure in my brain and when I remember that it and focus it makes it easier to overlook the dark and ugly ~ another me thing totally and that after all is what I choose for me!

It is late and I am in need of my bed.  Garbage day in the morning and much to do so no lallygagging around even if there is a wonderful old movie on when I wake up.

Wishing you pleasant nights and days full of happiness!

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