Tuesday, December 3, 2013


As always, what we plan and expect varies according to the day and like the weather changes constantly.  I for one prefer not to have hopes and expectations to avoid disappointments.  I must say that my hopes and expectations have been exceeded greatly and no disappointments is a huge benefit to a happier me!

For one thing, I expected the cold front to be here by now ~ I am not disappointed that the weather has remained unseasonably warm and will continue throughout the week!  The wind has held off in so far as I am not out when it is windy and colder after dark.

With the completion of the Turkey soup came my middle son for dinner last night ~ never a disappointment there ~ the soup was excellent and I remembered to make my ditalini on the side for those of us who like pasta and potatoes.

The one hiccup in my whole holiday season occurred totally because I forgot to double check the calendar and my sons lab and meds.  That was huge and an epic fail on my part.  I had it in my head that we were good to go until after the holiday, but when I did a check over the weekend the math did not work out so I had to have my son reduce his night meds to make it to the lab on Monday and wait for the meds the next day.

We made it to the lab.  No problem there ~ but upon checking we had no refills on the meds.  Calls in to doctors on Monday relieved my mind a bit ~ after all with technology and faxes all I needed was the right person to talk to and get it going.

Of course the right person was out of the office so I left a voicemail Monday.  No call back on Monday and no refills on Tuesday when I confirmed the lab results at the pharmacy.  Back on the phone ~ and a bit of insurance ~ I had the pharmacy fax a request to the doctor as well.

I called my son's Dr.'s Nurse only to get her voicemail again.  Back to the main number and a request for someone else who could possibly help me out ~ explaining the person I needed was at lunch, only to find out that she was actually on the phone with me, listening to my predicament and letting me know she had made an appointment for Thomas (whew!)

She connected me with the Nurse in charge of the medicine and I was soon relieved that all would be well before too long!  As a matter of fact, within an hour I got the call that we were all set.  I phoned the pharmacy to make sure they were all set and my worries were over!

I had to postpone my Monday outings as I was not feeling too well.  Luckily, my Doctor had a Wednesday opening for me ~ same time different day, much to my relief as well, and being such a great guy he even phoned me this morning to let me know if it was better I could come in today if I wanted.

I passed, as I had this other mess to deal with.  My middle son had been on the phone with me for the previous two days making sure I was doing everything I could to get my son's medicine.  He gets so worried, as we all do that the lack of medicine is going to cause problems which none of us want ever again thank you very much!

I took my sick day to call my main Doctor to find out when my dermatologist appointment is for this stupid rash which nothing seems to be working on which is spreading and itchy as can be even with treatment of the over the counter type that is not working!

Come to find out the lovely receptionist must have gotten hungry or thought the garbage can was cuz the doctor's order and her letting me know they are booking into April got tossed out the door or wherever Tomika puts her orders from her boss.

Soon the Doctor herself was calling me back.  Puzzled as I was and certainly making excuses for this poor girl who is going to lose her patients ~ I am close to losing patience with her ~ compassion or no ~ I think she needs to be put in the unemployment line and give someone who is not out to sabotage their employer a job!

I know that it is on my mind to look for another medical provider.  A shitty thing I know cuz it took me a couple of years to find this one who takes Medicaid!  I am not sure that I can go through that again.  She did prescribe me some oral steroids to try in the meantime and if I don't hear from her by Wednesday...

I am afraid of the steroids however.  Last time I had an injection I had a horrible experience with weight gain ~ something they did not tell you about 10 years ago but I notice it is the first thing on the list on this paperwork.  Balls!  I am not up for weight gain in the freezing cold winter when I can't walk as much as I need to in order to make a difference!

I have to do it though.  The cure is going to be worse than the problem.  Lord help me!  Oh well, I will just have to move that exercise bike into my room!  Actually I spoke to the pharmacist and she said it shouldn't be bad as I will only be taking it for a week or so.  Fingers crossed ~ big girl pants are going on and I am going to bite the bullet and just do it!

I was blessed earlier with seeing with my own two eyes and having coffee with an old friend who has not been doing well circumstance or health wise.  I was happy to spend some time conversing and catching up. It makes a huge difference with me, when I am worried about a friend to actually lay eyes on them.  Some people say everything is fine when it is not and he is one of those people.

Now I can rest assured that although things are not great they are much better than what my imagination can think and worry about!

I am looking forward to the rest of the week.  Who knows it may be time to pull out those tubs of holiday decorations after all and get started making it a festive Christmas Season now that Thanksgiving is out of the way!

Glipho put up a new Challenge and I hope to get to that today and I have been thinking on that group book as well ~ trying to get a clearer picture of the "Prisoner Alien" and a work off point ~ who knows ~ I may be contributing another chapter before too long!

As I said ~ it is a week of possibilities ~ some planned and some unexpected.  I like them both!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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