Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As the final hours of 2013 approach I have been internally reviewing my past year.  It has been one hell of a ride!  I succeeded in the most part with my resolutions and I refuse to beat myself up for the ones I was unable to finalize.

Instead, I choose to focus on all of the wonderful things which occurred.  I have made great strides in overcoming my fear of putting myself out there for the "world" to see.  No longer wishing to be invisible and hiding within myself.  That is huge!

I have attended functions ~ with fear still, but able to set aside those fears of failure and rejection and get out of my very secure comfort zone.  I have had great fun volunteering at the Barrington Stage, attending plays, attending ArtWalks and speaking with artists and connecting with quite a few of them.

I went in a canoe twice and look forward to many more canoe adventures ~ kicking myself a little because when I bought my house there was a canoe and a river and I never ventured near either one of them together!

I have reconnected with many old and very real friends from many time periods in my life who reaffirmed in me that I am not a horrible person like that voice in my head tells me, sometimes my own and sometimes tapes from past voices.

I have made huge strides I think though my work is not done in recognizing red flags and warnings before or shortly after they go off.  Learning lessons along the way when the alarms rang too late ~ almost repeating past mistakes and realizing in the nick of time saving myself the full brunt of the pain that comes with those mistakes.

Third Thursdays were great fun as well ~ walking down North Street checking out the bands and the zillions of people who I have not seen since I bought the ticket and took the ride in the 90's when I left this fair city I call home once again.

I got over (sort of) my fear of medical professionals and reconnected with my Chiropractor, my counselor and obtained a primary physician.  All huge steps for me indeed!

I have connected with myself through art and writing.  Enjoying both on a very regular basis and feeling pleased most of the time with each!

I am building a stronger relationship with my eldest son and his new family and blessed to have another chance and enjoying having a 7 year old granddaughter to hang out with and who brings me great joy, many smiles and wonderful refrigerator art!

I am learning to find my voice once again ~ which I have really missed.  I am actually figuring out how to figure out what is good for me and learning how to accept the good qualities which I recognize a bit easier now in myself, not beat myself up when I make a mistake, and to love myself a little bit.

I refuse to make resolutions this year other than to continue to grow and learn as a person, keep smiling find and give inspiration, and spread the love one smile at a time!

I am grateful for the people who are on this journey with me.  Some I know and have known for a while and others who I know not at all.  Everything does happen for a reason and everyone you meet you are meant to meet whether for the support or the lesson ~ I openly embrace both and will continue to pray for those who were lessons and hope they find their own peace before they die.

I warmly wish you a very Happy New Year!  Please be safe if you are out in the world this evening!!!


  1. “I got over (sort of) my fear… and reconnected with my Chiropractor… I have connected with myself through art and writing… I am building a stronger relationship with my eldest son…” – You truly are an inspiration, Jennifer! You made a lot of things last year that made you a better person, health and relationship–wise. It can be difficult, especially in facing your fear, but I guess there’s nothing impossible when you really want to change. Good luck, and I hope 2014 will be as great as your 2013.


    1. Thank you Kristopher ~ I would have replied sooner, but I didn't realize it was an option! I have dedicated a lot of time and energy on making positive changes and you are right ~ nothing is impossible when you want to change ~ life with a positive outlook and attitude does make a huge difference! Facing fears are scary but overcoming a fear is a whole new rush! I also have taken the time to connect with my neurosurgeon and am facing surgery on my spine Oct 7, 2014 ~ talk about reconnecting with medical! Glad I did before the problems got worse! Thank you for your awesome words! I am so glad to know my words do some good!!!

  2. Kudos for taking those huge steps, especially the part of reconnecting with the medical professionals and getting over your fear of the chiropractor. It's not the pain, but the fear that paralyzes you, and I'm proud of you for taking a leap of faith and going out of your comfort zone. I hope the year will continue be good for you. All the best to your health and future endeavors!

    Terrell Sherman @ Murrieta Chiropractic

    1. Thank you for your comment Terrell! Pain is relatively mind over matter when you are centered and Chiropractic does help in that! Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!