Sunday, December 29, 2013


It feels like longer than two days since I have written.  I thought about it but was so involved in reading a story and screwing up my schedule that I just haven't had time.  I let everything go over the past couple of days while I was involved in a real to goodness solid book to hold in two hands and turn pages.

I am kicking myself since I devoured the tale instead of sipping on it for a while and savouring its goodness.  I could not help it.  It was a quick read so they say ~ all 500+ pages, unlike that tedious historical drama I got into a few months ago.

That just dragged and dragged.  It was good but a lot of history to absorb.  Funny how stories are like that.  The good ones flow and before you know it you have read 200 pages and a couple of hours have flown by unaware.

I thought Stephen King did an excellent job in Doctor Sleep.  It has been years since I have read the Shining and the details were not present in my mind before I read Doctor Sleep ~ no refresher.  None needed.  It reminded me of my love for a good story.

The details from the past were nicely placed when you needed them and I found myself watching the story in my minds eye as I read ~ also another good tell for me.  My own little mini movie.  I hope he does make a movie out of this one.  Wonder if Jack would come out and play for the flashbacks etc.  (Etc used in place of giving any of the story away.)

Before I began writing my blog this evening I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.  I glanced at my full double sink as I put water in my cup and stopped my task to organize the mess ~ rationalizing to myself that stacking would be good enough ~ tea forgotten.

 I stacked them ~  washing the bowls and the pans that did not fit in the neat stack and placing them to air dry haphazardly then of course not able to leave the rest ~ plates don't take long ~ out of order I was left with juggling everything around to get them to fit in the drainboard to dry.

Realizing my teacup was not in the microwave I crossed the kitchen to put my tea in and decided that my Avocado Tree is in too drafty a spot and began moving it into the dining room with the other plants.  Looking at my neglected plants, I tended to them ~ forgetting the avocado relocation for a moment as I removed dead leaves.

It is so easy for me to forget A and do B, C, and D in the meantime.  I feel much better ~ less guilty for taking a two day time out from everything but the necessities of which the book was a huge one.  Been a while since I have read a book ~ Huck Finn was the last.

The other day I also got all my pictures off my computer and onto the little USB storage device in preparation for my computer re haul.  I have only put that task off for the past year and a half.  Determined to resolve all of the chaos within my P.C. once and for all and have my audio drivers restored.

My computer says they are there but things are not where they should be for some reason.  Everything is scattered everywhere in the wrong folders ~ how I do not know but I do know how to reinstall windows.  I am not a technical person at all when it comes to the computer.

I am not afraid to make changes but even when I write down what I did so I can undo I can never quite figure out how to.  It is kind of funny ~ but not when you have totally screwed the pooch.  I almost did the other day ~ needing to open task manager and type in from there ~ my desktop and everything else was not there.  By some miracle I did fix that.

This was all caused by me trying to find my drivers and have them be recognized by my entire computer and not some part that is inaccessible.  Then I remembered the storage device my son picked up for me ~ better to have the stuff I want off the computer before I totally lock myself out.

That was when I decided to start reading the book.  It was the safest of all options.  I was intending on waking up today and finishing it right off the bat.  I came downstairs to make a tea so I could read in bed but then I stopped at the computer and did my stuff.

I checked the weather and found it was going to rain this afternoon with a very cold front coming in after that.  I was already waking late so I knew I needed to rethink my day.  I woke myself up with a couple of teas and jumped in the shower after I cranked the heat to make it last for more than 2 minutes ~ something which seems to be happening a lot lately and the solution seems to work.

So I got ready and headed out did my errands and  grabbed some grinders as a treat for my boy T and made it home walking in a light sprinkle.  I was happy to hear the rain increase in strength while I was taking off my outdoor clothes and shoes.  Finally my timing seems to be getting back on track!

Tom was still sleeping.  I wasn't surprised as we were watching t.v. well past three last night.  I really do not know how he does this regularly.  Of course he sleeps for 12 hours due to the medication ~ I on the other hand can barely manage 7 hours and that is a good sleep.

For me I can deal with less sleep.  It is bothersome to wake up late ~ I look at all the time I have wasted sleeping.  Not that I have pressing matters to attend to.  Sleeping for me sucks anyway.  I wake up more tired than when I went to bed and have to fight with my aches and pains from being immobile for those hours.

I grabbed half of my grinder and brought it to my room.  I don't usually eat in my room but I wanted to get my hands on that final section of story.  I began to read as I was eating.  The food put me in a coma and I soon put the book aside and found myself napping.

Two hours later I forced myself up ~ grabbed my book and went downstairs, made another tea and  to the living room I went.  Of course all I could remember was 15 so I went to pg. 415 which was not the page ~ so I went to 485 which was the page ( 15 from 500).

The rest of the book was done in no time ~ sadly as I said earlier.  I was choked up at the end ~ it wasn't sad ~ it was the realization of full circles and finishing what you started and loose ends and connections which got me.  Hard to explain what I really mean ~ people take different things out of what they read.

I still have the Hogwarts books to read.  Those will be a breeze.  This time I am not going to rip through the books.  I say that now but I am like a junkie with his drug and a good story is always hard for me to resist.  I just hope that I scored the good stuff.

It is getting late and I still have dogs to feed and dragon's to fight and with hope, speed and luck a Solitaire tournament or two to win in between.  I am hoping to be fast asleep long before 3 a.m. tonight and back on my "normal" schedule tomorrow.  It might be the day that I get my computer back on track ~ then again you never know!

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