Sunday, December 1, 2013


Just like that November, the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, family, friends, food ~ is replaced quite suddenly with December thoughts.

The Black Friday Sales to throw us into Christmas and the gift giving season ~ even before our meals are digested from Thanksgiving!  Not for me.

My soup and pate got shifted a day ~ soup has been simmering for 24 hours as I type ~ or should I say stock ~ not soup.  By the looks of it we will not be having soup until Monday ~ my son took some nice looking steaks out of the freezer for dinner tonight ~ not so subtle hint I guess.

My Friday was not what I had planned Thursday evening ~ sleep won out and I got a pretty late start and even slower than normal.  All that work and clean up Thursday booted me in the bottom.  At least I had all the dishes done.

Since the pan was clean I decided to roast the second turkey instead of stripping the carcass clean on the first one and beginning the soup ~ I just didn't have the energy.  That took care of dinner as well, utilizing the leftover squash, potatoes and gravy, and gave me another liver for my pate.

That works for me.  I just returned from my errands and even picked up a treat for Sunday evening television ~ one my son will enjoy I hope, and some bread so we can indulge in some Turkey sandwiches ~ the main reason I went out this fine day.

We missed bad weather here.  Temperatures had dropped, but no major problems in my neck of the woods.  Today, the weather is a nice calm 30 something ~ it changes depending on the hour.  When I went out the sun was trying to peek through the thick cloud covering with minor luck.

It is cozy in my apartment.  I try to keep it consistent.  Right now, I am comfortable, especially after a nice walk in the refreshing air.  My son is awake and at his station fighting one boss or another in WOW, or some such game and I am clicking away at my own keyboard.

I am not in Christmas mode yet.  I will be soon be bringing out my tubs of Christmas and all that goes along with it in addition to a fake tree this year for the benefit of my Granddaughter.  You know what that means ~ rearranging furniture again!

I am not up to that task today ~ consider this the planning stage.  Since Christmas also means cookies ~ (and I have requests and not too subtle hints regarding cookies already this year) there is nothing for me to do but comply.

This year will be on a much smaller scale than last year however with far fewer recipients as well.  That is what I say now, but once I get baking it doesn't seem to turn out that way!

Ains and I planted our bulb in hopes of a Christmas bloom.  When she came over on Thanksgiving we were checking it out.  I keep a light on in the room since it gets darker early trying to encourage the leaves to shoot up some more!

My spider plant has a bunch of flower on the shooter ~ which means they will be bigger by Christmas ~ so cool ~ I will have more Spider plants than I know what to do with which may get me away from wasting my time with the mini roses which do not want to grow in my apartment!

Here it is, December 1 and I am envisioning Spring and my house full of house plants!  Talk about putting the cart in front of the horse!  That is me ~ always looking ahead at brighter days!

Friday ArtWalk this Friday ~ I hope that cold front doesn't send us too much nasty weather!  The lighting of the Christmas Tree is the same evening and the After ArtWalk gathering at the Whitney Gallery this week along with who knows what all!

A week of possibilities to be sure!  I hope you have a wonderful end of weekend and a week of possibilities yourselves!

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