Monday, December 9, 2013


I made it through the rest of the weekend low key after Friday nights adventures.  I was so wiped out when I finally went to bed that sleeping in Saturday was a pleasure.  It seems the smaller the dose of meds I am taking on this taper schedule the more difficult the crash time is and it goes without saying waking up out of sorts has been the norm.

My head sort of stopped that out of control racing which has also been a benefit.  I must have still been zinging when I finally made it out at 6:00 p.m. for my afternoon errands ~ just a wee bit later than usual ~ amazingly I was back in my house in 25 minutes, and back in my p.j.'s 10 minutes after that!

Sunday was a total wash ~ when I finally did get to sleep early Sunday morning, it was even worse sleeping and waking than before ~ I kept telling myself that it is almost over ~ two more days of medication and it has to get better.

I was slightly productive despite spending the day in the living room visually moving around what I need to move around before I actually begin moving things around.  I have a plan which entails decorating on Friday with my Granddaughter.

In order to do that however, I have to be set up so the planning stage is most important.  That is my main focus tomorrow since I have already taken out the crates of holiday decorations this evening and it is on the agenda.

Fingers crossed, sleep this evening and waking tomorrow will be the best yet and with no medicine to tweak me I should be okay by the afternoon ~ right?  That is my plan ~ rearrange ~ get the tree up and have the lights on it and clear areas for Santa's, teddy bears, trees, angels and Nativity for Friday.

It is going to be difficult for me to resist unpacking things ahead of time, but all in good time, as the saying goes.  I think the tree will prevent me from getting too zealous.  It has been about eight years since I have actually set up and placed a tree ~ not since the recession began and Christmas and holiday celebrations ceased to be more than a nice meal with my family.

I like to have a plan when I have my granddaughter over.  And a backup as well, and I like to play it by ear. I am sure we will have some art time and may pull out some holiday ceramics to paint and put on her own tree or give away.

It is also fun to just spend some unplanned time hanging out.  I need to hit the supermarket and get some supplies before she arrives.  I am pretty sure I am all out of pineapple and she loves it as much as I do and no soda - caffeine is not allowed she told me so on Thanksgiving when I offered her a rare glass of Pepsi.

The boys have called me twice in the past three hours.  I am liking it.  My middle son reported at the last call that they just returned from shopping.  He hates stores and always has.  I could hear the excitement in his voice however, when he told me he had been shopping for Ainsley.

We get to spend Christmas as a family.  Me and my boys and their families and Dad's.  I was just informed that if Pat's Dad isn't allowed to bring a spiral Ham for Christmas then Pat is not coming.  He is such a goof! This is the big holiday with all of us together and it is so much fun with a six year old!

My son's marriage has played a huge role in bringing my boys closer together.  It was awesome to see my younger son's participate in my older sons wedding.  We all love my son's wife and her family so we really scored ~ they don't mind us either so that is a great start!

I am also kinda digging my new relationship with my eldest son as well.  Having the phone ring and hearing his voice is always a treat, and not one that I had been hearing enough over the previous ten years.  Like fine wine and old Scotch, some things do improve with age!

My friend Cindy came down in case I was lonely without Thomas and I helped her (hopefully) locate her hubby's son on Facebook.  It was almost like Thomas was here, except I was on his computer with the sticky keyboard while I let her use my computer.

I do not know how the boy works that keyboard.  I do not like the HP keyboard at all.  He hates my Gateway keyboard so we are even.  Mine is so old but it is not compact and I don't spill things on mine so the keys don't stick.

It is getting late and I am getting that slight headache back from the medication which means it is time to put my head down give thanks for making it through yet another day.  I made my list and can't wait to begin checking things off of it tomorrow!

The anticipation is beginning to develop!  We have a bit of snow on the ground and it is still fairly warm as well so the odds have been in my favour!  A girl could really get used to feeling like this for sure ~ especially when that girl is ME!


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