Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Simba by Jennifer Gallant
Afternoon sun by Jennifer Gallant

The other afternoon I took a walk in the afternoon sunshine with my youngest son.  It was a warm day and as we approached the field where I used to walk Simba, near the Solar panels the sun came out over the tree tops.  I miss my dog more than my house and that is saying a great deal.  RIP and bless his wonderful soul!
Under the bridge by Jennifer Gallant

We walked past the solar panels and under the bridge.  It was a little windy, but not too bad of a walk.  There was a squirrel on the pole crossing the road but I missed him by the time I got the camera on.

We walked under the bridge and down the road and took a turn and around the corner we saw a discarded Christmas tree.  We continued to walk.

Discarded by Jennifer Gallant

One way out of town - by Jennifer Gallant

One way New York City, one way Chicago.  My dog was never scared of the trains and we used to watch them go by and look at all of the great art work on them.  I miss those days.  Sometimes we would joke about hopping the train and taking off.  I was told by an Artist I met over the holidays there is an actual Hobo Convention in the Mid West somewhere.  It would be a hoot to hop a train and venture there!  One can dream - imagine riding trains!  I have never done so, especially like a hobo!
Another direction by Jennifer Gallant
Graffiti photo by Tom Gallant
 We arrived at the train tracks and my son took a couple of pictures of some really cool graffiti next to the train tracks...I of course looked beyond what was in front of me to beyond where my eye could see.  There were no trains that day - sadly.  But we did enjoy a nice cup of cocoa when we arrived home after our afternoon walk and photography adventure.

Santa Mug from Laura Boggs photo Tom Gallant

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