Friday, March 15, 2013


I have been away utilizing my time with all these amazing reads on twitter for blogging.  It is very confusing for someone with no idea of the language or process besides writing words on paper and having people read them.  I really don't even understand the purpose of twitter and all of this techie stuff!  My phone doesn't even have a camera!

I am of an age where I like computers.  I just was not born knowing the terms, programming, creating or any such stuff like that.  I am a total newbie at this.  The first time I got on a computer was in the early 90's when I worked at the Methodist Church.

Summers at the church were slow, newsletters and Sunday bulletins, and with my files all organized an tidy, they brought in a computer for me to work with.  Turning it on was the easy part.  It did make my job easier to type the articles for the newsletter and make mailing labels and have a pretty easy time doing all of that.  The things I learned then, I think are pretty obsolete though and my next experience was with a personal computer of my very own 10 years later.

I remember my oldest son wanting to go on the Internet, and I had no idea what the Internet was, so I did not let him go on for a few more years after finding out that the Internet was a pretty cool place as far as information went.

These days, I do not know what I would do without the Internet.  My daily ritual of turning on the computer, checking mail, communicating with friends via various social networks, making friends from all over the world all appeal to me, along with the wide range of art, reading and seeing places that I only hope to see one day.

Now that I have been writing a blog for just about six months now, I have some followers and really enjoy seeing what countries are reading and still get confused by some of the mail I have.  I have no idea how to answer the guy who sends me a note asking me how many readers I want, I do not know how to label for search engines, enter code or do any of those things.  It is just amazing to me that anyone reads at all!

I enjoy reading and writing as well.  If you read my blog - it is pretty random.  A friend on G+ who reads my blog has a London page, it deals with stress, and she wants to link my blog to her page, not a bad idea I don't think, as far as getting more readers.  I never really thought about it, but it seems the goal is to target your audience and get your word out there.  It began to stress me out that my blog has been labeled as a "stress" thing.  I never really thought about a theme, but it got a little difficult to write for a few days there!

This is a work in progress, as I am also a work in progress on take two or 102 - depending on how you look at it!  My life has been definitely an adventure for me and my family.  At this stage in my journey and ready for anything, just about anything goes.  As long as I am alive and kicking I will be sharing myself with you all!

Happy reading and fasten your seat belts - sometimes it is a bumpy ride!


  1. Hey Jenn,
    It's Hoyt.... Glad you've found something to occupy yourself with!!!! I've THOUGHT about doing THE SAME, but REALLY don't know where to BEGIN!!!! So what, you just write about WHATEVER, and people reply???? I have been 'round computers since Tandy (Radio Shack's version) back on New Year's Eve in the early 80's @ my Bro/Sis's father's friend's.... (Bob Tucker), than the lady that used to watch us kids before school.... her son Tony Mastronni was into programming, went to Putnam H.S. in Spfld. Was REALLY good w/ computer's.... it fascinated me.... so I got one.... just a Commadore VIC20.... was only like 12.... But @ the time he had a Apple IIc.... I thought THAT was THE SH*T!!!! Well, hope this continues to work 4 ya!!!!
    Hoyt :)